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Discussion in 'General' started by malherbe, Jun 19, 2020.

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    I'm looking forward to your review, Wayne.

    I just watched a video review of a prototype RAV4 Prime. Are they still just prototypes making the rounds? Disappointing... However, I think these prototype units are getting beat up by some journalists. Tire wear and wheel damage seems inevitable where these test drives are going. Also probably some undercarriage damage.

    What I didn't expect. The cargo space looked good. The off-road capability even with the XSE trim and 19" wheels and low profile street tires was quite good. I saw a full-size spare tire! And finally, I was surprised it lacked hill descent control.

    Everything else matched up to the early information I could remember.
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    Toyota did a proper job with the battery vs. the Prius Prime.
    The only Rav4's with hill descent control are the Adventure and TRD, which is probably part of the the reason they have the highest tow rating of 3500lbs.
    Also going to add that the Rav4 hybrid switched to Li-ion this month.
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    I just don’t drive my car that much anymore. Freeway to work. Out a month in the truck. Not going to log truck stuff since my driving is dictated by deadlines not FE. Freeway back home, and do most errands in my wife’s van. It’s humorous how bad she is at efficiency, but I never do enough miles in it to really have any hard data. For 5000lbs including driver, though, it’s actually reasonably capable.
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