Nissan "On-Demand Driving" Program Starts at $699/month + $495 Subscription

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    [​IMG] Even with Insurance and Maintenance included, it is expensive.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – February 19, 2020

    2020 Nissan Sentra SV

    Just one of many Nissan’s available to pick up at your leisure within the new program.​

    Nissan is launching an "on-demand driving" program through its test of a subscription service model called Nissan Switch.

    The program launches in the Houston area and offers a variety of vehicles, including the all-electric Nissan LEAF PLUS, TITAN pickup, and GT-R. Just like other popular subscription services for television and music, there is no long-term contractual commitment.

    Andrew Tavi, VP, Legal, External Affairs and Business Development, Nissan North America, Inc.:
    The Nissan Switch subscription program offers vehicles that represent the latest model year featuring mid to high level trims, many including Nissan ProPILOT Assist driver-assist technology.

    There are two tiers to Nissan's subscription services with the ability to switch tiers each month. After a $495 membership activation fee, the monthly subscription includes the vehicle (unlimited switches, as often as a new vehicle each day), delivery, cleaning, insurance, roadside assistance, and regular maintenance.

    Program Levels
    • Select for $699/month includes the Altima, Rogue, Pathfinder, and Frontier
    • Premium for $899/month includes LEAF PLUS, Maxima, Murano, Armada, TITAN, and 370Z
    • The GT-R can be picked up for an additional $100/day with 7-day consecutive maximum use
    Nissan is working with Central Houston Nissan to administer the new subscription service. A dealership concierge member will deliver the vehicle anywhere within the Select Service area and will help transfer items from car to car. The concierge also offers to walk-around the vehicle at the time of delivery to answer any questions about key features, safety, and driver-assist technologies.

    Customers can find more information about Nissan Switch at Nissan Switch through August 2020.

    Whooa is that a huge monthly and subscription to drive a Nissan!
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    Subscription on the premium program for 14 months pays for our new 2016 manual Elantra. :eek::eek:..... & one more :eek:. Hey, you say, cleaning comes with the program. Can I have the feather duster at the end of my program.
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    It's an experiment. I wonder how many people will bite.
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    This may be a good deal if you only need a car for a month or two. If I understand correctly, you pay $495 activation fee plus $699 for Nissan, Rogue, Pathfinder cars. That's $40/day for a newish car if you want the car for a whole month. Your other option is a rental car which is going to cost more than that after insurance. Plus Nissan delivers the car to you and picks it up? I think you have to look at this Nissan offer pretty hard. I would need more details like mileage limitations, etc.
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    Two months for the cheap subscription (~ $1900) is still over 1/7th of the purchase price for our 2016 manual Elantra. 1/7th of my Elantra for 2 months is "no good deal".
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    First, you're not comparing apples to apples. The Elantra is a much cheaper car than the cars available for the $699 subscription. Second, ownership is obviously the cheapest way to operate a vehicle for most people. I'm comparing renting vs switch. I used to travel to Mukilteo WA to fill in for vacationing folks around Christmas time. I would stay for a month or two and then return to CA. This Nissan program would have been much cheaper than the rental fees I was paying, especially if the $495 activation fee doesn't have to be renewed each year.
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    I stopped at the cheap apples, because I couldn't afford the expensive oranges. Two of our Elantras, both owned for a combined 11 years & 150,000+ miles, have yet to have anything wrong.
    Both Elantras were purchased within 10(?) miles of Mukilteo. You could have bought an Elantra & had an enduring, sweet car. Maybe two... they're cheap!
    But Nissan's money-taker program.... just what rich people want? OK.
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