Article about walmart reducing its environmental footprint

Discussion in 'General' started by tbaleno, Apr 19, 2006.

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    This is intresting.

    Two months ago I fired up 8ea. 200hp pumps for there new data center in Bentenville, Ar. Standard stuff for those in the know. The motors on the pumps are high dollar, high eff. motors. Really dosent mean much other than they have better insulation in the windings for VFD's.

    They also like many others are useing free cooling off there cooling towers when weather and temps permit. I didnt see there chillers or boilers. But knowing Wally World the chillers are state of the art. A boiler or boilers are sized very small and eff. After all they dont need much heat. The massive amount of computers in the data center will make the bulk of the heat. :) There is also a new state of the art control system for the HVAC system and other control points under the building engineers umbrella.

    Another note of intrest. A very good friend of mine works for Wally World Corprate in Bentenville. Hes container, box, packageing Q & A dude. So Im sure with this new idea of management and sweeping change in his area. His life will be ruined. It will be intresting to chat with him in the coming days about this and see what he expects from it and how it will affect his ulcars. Im sure he will get a class act screwing from corprate in the fourm of more work and same pay.

    As for there stores. They need to be smaller and only stocked with quality products. The super stores have gotten huge and filled with junk. Pure junk!!! The company really took a nose dive when Sam died.

    These changes are good. I hope there done. But know! The employee's affecting the changes will be chewed up like meat in a sausage grinder to get it done. Most if any will not get pay increases and many will end up with long term health issues do to the increase in work load and stress.

    The number one thing folks can do to help WW with its enviro issues is not shop there. :)

    I work with WW more than I like. They know I dont shop there unless I have to.
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    My company also does much business with Wal-Mart - about 25% of our total volume now. They now have presence by their employees in our supply chain, using resources provided by us. Our IS resources are linked directly together, as well. :(

    I also refrain from shopping there, unless I absolutely cannot procure a product by other means, and I thank everyone else who does the same, like you, Psyshack. Seeing your post prompted me to add my own .02 . Suffice to say, I'm there about once per year - and when I am, I'm saddened by what I see in the store - the merchandise, the economic situation of the clientele, etc. And I'm instantly thankful that I'm not (yet) forced to shop there.

    It came to mind that if they really wanted to reduce their impact on the environment, they'd stop strong-arming their suppliers to move their manufacturing to countries like China, which now individually rivals / surpasses the amount of both the US & Great Britain's environmental pollution from the dawn of their industrial age.

    I'll get down from my soapbox now :mad:
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    I haven't been into a Wal Mart since college, I think. (At least 2 years ago.) If I've been in since then I have apparently blocked it from my memory. Any organization that big and with that much disruptive influence automatically sets off red flags for me. Kinda like OPEC and every oil company in existence :( .

    If Wal Mart is really going to save energy, good for them. I will at least give them credit for that much, assuming that it doesn't turn out to be an empty promise.
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    Hi All:

    ___I have a Walmart within 6 blocks but rarely do I visit. The Sam’s club is right next door and that is a completely different story … With that, given the move and all, we let our Sam’s club membership expire 2 weeks ago. There are basically 3 choices for food items now. The Jewel store ~ 1 mile away which has good 2 for 1 specials weekly but 2% milk costs upwards of $3.69/gallon. Sam’s Club was charging $2.49 for the same and Wally World was sitting at just $2.18 2 weeks ago. I picked up 2 gallons form Wally World. Case of Pepsi … Jewel charges $5.99 w/ Preferred card about every other week. Sam’s cost $6.18 IIRC. Wally World had cases for $4.88. I picked up 2 cases of Pepsi, 1 case of Diet Coke, and a case of Sprite. Canned goods … Well, Wally World goes to the bottom basement (kind of like Aldi if anyone knows what that is) but when you can find a brand name can of Pork and Beans or Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup for < $0.70, I don’t know how Jewel is going to survive? Cereal … An 18 oz package of LIFE was $2.3x something or another at Wally World. The Jewel it is ~ $3.79 or more for the same size package. There is a store called Woodman’s about 12 miles away across the State line that can compete and sometimes beat Wally World (selection is far superior as well) but that 12 miles is an impediment nowadays :(

    ___Prices, items, and sizes above are from memory so don’t hold me to it …

    ___Good Luck


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