Wind, Snow Storms Block U.S. 2 Highway

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    ....When the snow melts, I'll have him raise the tire pressures back up.
    Until then tho, Stevens Pass Highway 2 has been closed for the last 3 days, even way down into the valley, due to snow & many falling trees. People in towns above the line are stranded. There are reports that supplies will be sent to the towns into the mountains. Yesterday, a huge fat cottonwood tree crushed, not one, but two houses simultaneously.
    East of Salish Sea (Puget Sound), temperatures are warming, but brisk winds, impinging on snow covered trees, may cause further damage. Further west, Washington state Olympic mountains & peninsula should get more snow.

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    There are private efforts to get supplies to Highway 2 towns in the western Cascade Mtns., but no gov't efforts(?). North of Highway 2, snow is 2-3 feet deep in Darrington. Some people near cut-off Skykomish, on Highway 2, haven't been able to re-supply for 6 days. Wood for wood stoves, & all other every day items, are needed. Skykomish electricity is out. No one can get gasoline, because the pumps are electric (no gas pump generators?). But, that's OK, since no one can go anywhere on Highway 2.
    East winds are strongly blowing from the mountains, now. Presently, we have snow falling (actually, blowing sideways & even rising). Snow burdened trees are leaning strongly in the wind. At least, the trees WERE snow burdened, until the winds blew the snow off the trees.
    Snow in Skykomish is nothing new. Six, eight years ago?...... People in the town were on their roofs shoveling snow. But, they couldn't pitch the snow down on their lawns.....because the snow was 11 FEET DEEP. From their roofs, they had to throw shovelfuls of snow UPWARD to clear the top of the snow in their yards, surrounding their homes. Yeah, ya gotta love snow if you live in SKYkomish, because the snow reaches up to the SKY, even when snow isn't falling from the SKY.
    P.S. Despite the residents of Skykomish having their own problems, 90 skiers were also caught in the U.S. 2 closure, while in Skykomish, becoming cold & hungry. One of the business owners was able to get to & open his business, so food, warmth & comfort could be restored to the skiers. Contact was made with the State Patrol & special safety measures & escorts were made available to get two or three buses of skiers out of the stressed area.
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    Hi Litesong:

    Scary stuff for those stuck up there!

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    I'm surprised the governor didn't call out the national guard.
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    Skykomish has had past storm damage to infra-structure, that due to governmental lack of funds, is causing the damage to be permanent, increasing the isolation of the town. For over 70(+?) years, there were sets of logging & forest service roads, up the Beckler River(near Skykomish) that ascended to Jack's Pass. From Jack's Pass, another logging road system descended to the North Fork of the Skykomish River, & continuing to the town of Index & back to Highway 2. But, that route was only for the late spring, summer & early fall usage (not meant to be used during storms) & was buried in snow the rest of the year. But, worse came to that route a decade & a half ago, when torrential rain storms wiped out, possibly a mile (more?) of the route, along the N.Fork of the Skykomish River. That route has never been restored, since that route lays hard on the descending slopes of the Merchant Peak, Gunn Peak, Jump-Off Ridge mountain complex, which are normally pounded by torrential, infra-structure destroying storm systems.
    Also, there was another access route from Skykomish, that allowed passage to homes AND continued on to Highway 2. But, a major storm system wiped out a bridge AND approaches, six or seven years ago, & that bridge has never been restored.
    So, when Highway 2 is temporarily blocked at its lower western Cascade mountain region, access to Skykomish is lost, because the eastern Skykomish access from Stevens Pass & eastern Washington on Highway 2 would also be closed.
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