Nissan’s All-new Lightweight Noise-Reducing Technology

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    [​IMG] If anyone provided anything worth seeing at this year’s 2020 CES, it was Nissan.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – January 9, 2020

    Las Vegas, NV -- Does anyone remember my research on sound deadening material for a Prius Audio upgrade?
    If there was a vehicle on the road that needs better sound deadening, that vehicle is it. At the 2020 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Nissan introduced a new high-tech sound absorption material called acoustic meta-material that weighs just 25 percent of current closed cell foam, rubber backed, or heavy rubber board-based materials. It will help lower interior noise while maintaining or even improving efficiency.

    According to Nissan, the makeup of the new material is simple. A combination of a lattice structure and plastic film controls air vibrations to limit the transmission of wide frequency band noise (500-1200 hertz), such as road and engine noise that weighs one-fourth as much while providing the same degree of sound isolation.

    Because of the simplistic structure, the material’s cost when mass production is almost the same as, or possibly lower than the current standard foam and rubber-based materials. The new material can be applied to vehicles where the use of sound insulation materials is currently limited due to either cost or weight.

    Nissan started its R&D on meta-material technology around 2008. At the time, meta-material was used in high-sensitivity antennas used for electromagnetic wave research. Nissan worked to extend the applicability of meta-material technology to include sound waves, leading to the successful invention of acoustic meta-material.

    Making vehicles lighter helps limit the environmental impact of driving by improving energy efficiency. It also enhances enjoyment, as the quiet vehicle cabin makes driving more comfortable.

    I would love to get my hands on about 60 sq. feet of this stuff and quiet a vehicle outside of the upcoming 2021 Nissan Ariya BEV Concept. ;)

    Of all the pie in the sky automotive crap that was introduced at this year’s CES, this is the second worth noting and comes again from the minds at Nissan.

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