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Discussion in 'General' started by basjoos, Jan 3, 2020.

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    New cars are nice (other than having to polish the polycarbonate headlights every year), but those bulky key fobs can be inconvenient if you have several vehicles you drive on a regular basis. With the metal keys used on older cars, it was easy to string them on a key ring and keep them in your pocket, but this approach doesn't work very well with key fobs that take up too much room in your pocket and their rubbing together tends to lock/unlock/open doors, set off panic alarms, etc. Is there any kind of belt mounted key fob holder that can handle up to 4 key fobs stored on short chains in individual compartments that allows you to pull out a fob, activate it, and then put it back in its compartment? I haven't been able to find anything out there that can handle more than 2 key fobs.
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    This would probably do it, and you'd look bad a$$... :)

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    Partially functional, but not optimal for my needs since those pouches are all sized to fit various specialized law enforcement equipment and wouldn't necessarily fit a key fob. A few of those pouches might work with a key fob but aren't equipped with a short chain to keep the fob from accidentally being dropped when pulled out for use. But it's the closest approach I've seen to what I am looking for.
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    The bada$$ with a leather coat, & dangling chain will not like you for copying his wardrobe.

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