The Real Reason for R2D2 Exposed! VWs Vision to Charge Your EV Autonomously

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    [​IMG] Meet the charging Robot.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – December 26, 2019

    VWs vision looks like this. A mobile charging robot drives to the electric car completely autonomously and communicates with it. From opening the charging port door to connecting the plug and decoupling once the charge is complete, no humans were harmed in the performance of this activity. ;)

    In a nutshell, the mobile robot brings a 25 kWh, 50 kW charging trailer to your vehicle and connects them; the energy storage device recharges your battery. The mobile energy storage device stays with the vehicle during the whole charging process while the robot moves trailers to other electric vehicles in need of a charge. Once the charging is complete, the robot decouples the trailer from the vehicle, and returns it back to its own charging station.
    The prototype consists of a compact, self-driving robot and compact energy storage devices named by VW the “battery wagon”. When fully charged, these are equipped with an energy content of around 25 kWh each. A charging robot can move several battery wagons at the same time. When called via app or V2X communication, it brings the energy storage device to the electric vehicle and connects them autonomously. With its integrated charging electronics, the energy storage device allows for DC fast charging at up to 50 kW.

    The robot, like any autonomous vehicle is fitted with cameras, laser scanners and ultrasonic sensors. The combination of these systems not only allows the robot to carry out the charging process completely autonomously but also to move around freely in the parking area without collision. Depending on the size of the parking area or the underground car park, several charging robots can be employed simultaneously so that several vehicles can be attended to simultaneously.

    For operators of parking facilities without dedicated charging stations, this is a quick and easy solution to electrify every parking space. The costs for the assembly of the charging infrastructure can be drastically reduced through the use of the robots!

    VW Charging Robot

    R2D2 has nothing on me! :D

    The compact design of the charging robot is perfectly suited for use in restricted parking areas without charging infrastructures, such as underground car parks. You choose a parking space as usual and leave the rest to the robot(s). The fear of being “ICEd” will never occur.

    The mobile prototype charging robot is a VW Group Components design providing insight into the future of charging infrastructure. The date for market launch of the charging robot has not yet been set.

    VW is installing a total of 36,000 charging points throughout Europe by 2025. A large proportion of these will be publicly available. VW is also launching its own charging stations for home use called the ID.Charger. As a co-founder of the European IONITY joint venture, VW participates in installing 400 fast-charging parks on major European highways. Medium-term, charging an EV is to become as easy as charging a smartphone.

    The future is electric albeit in a Roomba sort of way. :)
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    Aww , that's cute.
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    Some construction workers become movie stars. Robot movie stars become assembly line & charging robots.
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    But what ever happened to Johnny Five ? After Short Circuit II , he disappeared.
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    Its at an assembly line AND charging station in Fargo.

    P.S. Refer to post 3...... please.
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