Ford Investing $1.45 billion In Two Michigan Manufacturing Plants

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    Hi All:

    $1.45 billion and 3,000 new jobs in total. Approximately $750 million and an additional 2,700 new jobs are slated for its manufacturing facility in Wayne, MI over the next three years. Ford will install new equipment to support production of the all-new Ford Bronco, Ford Ranger and a new Autonomous Vehicle modification center at the Wayne location. Ford’s first autonomous vehicle production is scheduled for to begin in 2021, including installing the vehicles’ unique self-driving technology and unique purpose-built interiors. This will be the first center of its kind for Ford and will drive synergies with the company’s existing AV research functions in Dearborn and Detroit. At that same location, Bronco and Ranger will be modified for customers.

    At Ford’s Dearborn manufacturing site, Ford will add 300 jobs and invest about $700 million to support production of new electrified variants of its F-150 truck, producing both a F-150 hybrid and fully electric F-150. Ford will also create a new operation in Dearborn here battery cells will be assembled into a battery pack for the F-150 hybrid and all-electric F-150.

    In the 2019 UAW-Ford contract, Ford pledged to invest $6 billion in its U.S. factories, creating or retaining 8,500 jobs. Ford is America’s No. 1 producer of vehicles and the largest employer of UAW-represented autoworkers.

    In 2020, Ford will debut the all-new F-150 and F-150 hybrid. The fully electric Ford F-150 follows soon after and will be part of the company’s more than $11.5 billion global electrified vehicle investment. Dearborn Truck Plant will build these Ford F-150s.

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    Longshoremen loved to brag about their single digit MPG for their 1970's Bronco's, as if that was a macho right-of-passage. If new Bronco's get double digit MPG, I'm sure macho-ism will be reduced. But, longshoremen still bragged about their single digit MPG with the defunct Hummer, even up to five years ago.
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    Hi Litesong:

    The Hummer H2 was introduced in 02, just months after the 1st gen Prius was. One disappeared in 2009. The other continues on to this very day fortunately.

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