Hyundai’s All-new 2020 Venue B-Segment CUV

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    [​IMG] An entry level CUV for the double income, no kids contingent.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – November 13, 2019

    2020 Hyundai Venue


    Hyundai has finally completed filling in its last missing piece within its CUV lineup with an all-new entry-level B-Segment called Venue. Like all Hyundai’s, it is very well equipped for a reasonable retail price.

    The Venue includes three FWD only trims, SE, SEL, or a two-toned exterior Denim with the 1.6L I4 mated to their latest CVT. An MT with the SE is also available. Pricing is as follows:
    • SE M/T - $17,250
    • SE CVT - $18,450
    • SEL CVT - $19,150
    • SEL CVT (w/ Convenience Pkg.) - $20,300
    • SEL CVT (Convenience & Premium Pkg.) - $22,050
    • Denim CVT - $21,950
    D&H = a steep $1,095 for a B-segment sized vehicle. That is $165 over that of the 50 percent heavier, much longer, wider, and just 4.5" shorter Sonata for example.

    The SE trim includes a 3.5-inch TFT Instrument cluster display, rearview monitor, 8” central display with AM/FM/HD Radio with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and four speakers, front USB charge port, 12V outlet, Bluetooth, steering wheel audio controls, CC, auto headlamps, A/C, remote keyless entry and an exterior temperature display. It also arrives with Hyundai’s SmartSense safety equipment including Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Keeping Assist and Driver Attention Warning, Electronic Stability Control, Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) with Traction Control, all standard.


    The SEL trims Convenience package adds a power sunroof, sliding armrest storage box, leather wrapped wheel and shift knob, plus BSM and RCTA. The Premium package adds heated front seats and side mirrors, LED headlamps, LED DRLs and taillamps, 17” alloys, proximity key with push button start, 8” embedded NAVI with AM/FM/HD/SiriusXM and Hyundai’s Blue Link Connected Car System.

    The Denim is a Denim color exterior with a white roof and cloth/vinyl covered front seats. This trim can be in place of or in addition to the SEL Premium minus a sunroof.

    On the drivetrain front, the normally aspirated 121 hp and 113 lb-ft. of torque 1.6L moves a somewhat lightweight 2,557 – 2,732 lb. vehicle. EPA estimates are 30/34 with the AT and just 27/35 with the stick. These are not very good numbers for a vehicle this small.

    2020 Hyundai Venue

    EPA estimates are slightly lower than I had expected.​

    The Venue is built upon a 99 in wheelbase and offers 91.9 cu. ft. of passenger volume and 18.7/31.9 cu. ft. of cargo volume with the rear seats up or dropped.

    Its underpinnings include struts up front, torsion beam out back, and discs all around while riding on 15” steel (SE), 15” alloy (SEL), or 17” alloy SEL (pkg)/Denim wheels.

    Seven colors including: Black, White, Red, Blue, Silver, Gray and Green. The Denim color is exclusively featured on the Denim edition. The Venue interior can be either black or grey.

    2020 Hyundai Venue


    This is not for a new family but is an entry level crossover for those 2-person households that want the stand-up look of an SUV without the large price tag. I doubt it will qualify for Rideshare on the Lyft platform as B-segments have been banned. The larger, more efficient, and better equipped 2020 Elantra sedan that is currently being offered with over $6k off retail makes far more sense to me.
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    Whoa! They must have put the MT they saved from 2020 Elantra, in the Venue.:eek: Think the Venue is short enough to get a discount on Washington state ferries. Denim Blue..... my wife would like that. She wears bib overalls....but doesn't carry a hammer in the hammer loop.
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    The Venue is built on the Accent platform and is really just the old Accent 5 door with high heels. Although the EPA numbers on the Venue suck compared to the Accent with the same powertrain, they compare rather well with its competition - the Kia Soul with the 2.0L engine. The difference in wheelbase is a couple of inches and the length of the Venue is about the same as the first gen Soul that had EPA numbers around 25/30. And that compared well with the Scion xB that had the Camry 2.4 and 4 speed auto and I think that was around 22/28. Today, we have pickup trucks that have EPA numbers in that ballpark.

    The target for the Venue is based on research on first time buyers. They seem to choose used over new to keep the payment under control. Hyundai figures with new car interest rates being lower than those of used car loans, people can get a new Venue for about the same payment as a used car that's a few years old. And with the new car, they get the long warranty and five years of roadside assistance.

    The "Crossover" appearance, including the silly "drive mode" button that just adjusts the traction control, is based on the market's love of the "crossover" form factor. With recent Hyundai models proving to be rather underrated on the EPA numbers, I think this new little car will do rather well in the real world.
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    In the real world...………… I'd rather ride my bike than this thing.

    But I'm funny that way.
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    My days of bicycles are mostly over....maybe all over.
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    Altho the HP is about 15 more than our 2006 series 1.6L Accent, the torque is only about 7 lb-ft more. Compared to Accent 2012 series, the Venue power is less. Hyundai engines seem to have less increasing power & torque than advancements of other brands. Does Hyundai have less investment in auto racing?
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    Comparing the engines in the Venue vs 2012 Accent: Venue is 121hp / 113@4500 torque versus 138hp / 123@4850 torque. Later Accents were rated at 130hp. The torque is only down 10 relative to the horsepower number being 17 lower. But the Venue will feel peppier around town because the engine is tuned to make more torque at lower engine speed.

    Horsepower is a calculated value of "torque over time". Lowering the torque peak results in a lower horsepower number even though the car accelerates better without having to spin the tach past 5k.
    The perfect example is the Cadillac 8.2 liter (500 cubic inch) V8 from 1976. Horsepower rating: 195 - about the same as the 2.5L Sonata engine. Peak torque for the 8.2 is 360 lb ft at 2000rpm while the Sonata 2.5 is 181 at 4000rpm. The horsepower is roughly the same because the big V8 is twice as strong but the Sonata engine is twice as fast (rpm at torque peak).

    I see people car shopping all the time based on "horsepower" - buying the Brand-A car that has 10 more horsepower than the Brand-B car and therefore it must be quicker. They just can't get the idea that a car with a lower hp number is almost always peppier if you keep the tach under 3000. We live in an age where even the most feeble hybrids accelerate to 60 faster than pony cars of the late 1970s. The Venue's 121hp is the same as Ford's asthmatic 4.2 liter V8 from the early 80s Mustang pony car.

    That is why so much of the auto press (notably Trend & Driver, Car Rod, Motor & Track, etc etc) has become so hopelessly irrelevant. Cover stories like "We test the new SUVs from Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce!" in yellow lettering to try to sell magazines. The headline should have a subtext stating, "They're all garbage driven only by oil sheiks and Tier-1 cocaine dealers". Ooh, one of them is 1/4 second faster to 100mph! Read past the break to find out which one! Then these dropouts and also-rans test the Hyundai Venue or other sensible car and find it "doesn't accelerate well past 80mph" in a 65 speed zone. Boo hoo. To them, it's unacceptable and dangerous that you can't accelerate faster than an F14 jet - I guess because that's something most commuters must do at least once during a normal daily commute.

    Someone needs to tell the auto press flunkies - "Don't talk to me until you have to actually pay the note on the vehicle you're fawning over, as well as paying to fill the tank and pay for scheduled maintenance and replacement tires." That, and you have to keep it for at least three years and live with it every day. Let's see how much they love the car when it's broken down in traffic or the $500 a piece tires are worn to the cords every 9000 miles.
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    You're not a Formula 1 fan.
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    Apparently not! o_O

    The auto media have driven themselves off the cliff and it's always amusing to illustrate it.
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    I love the various forms of car racing, but those egos do not belong on the streets. Some journalists apparently have to think and talk "that" way to maintain their "street cred" especially among their peers.
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    Good way to eliminate 99% of all drivers. As for journalists, they already had inflated egos, before they thought & talked.
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    I rarely see magazines anymore except in the waiting room and the doctor or the dentist. And even then, most are celebrity gossip rags (headline: "Guess who has Hepatitis Cm7b5 and still shares flatware with unsuspecting victims!") along with food magazines and HGTV-themed magazines ("The 700 square foot bathroom - oops - en-suite spa you simply must have in your villa!").

    I get emails for Automobile and MotorTrend with clickable links for articles but I rarely read them. I just don't care whether the Stelvio can beat the X5 or the Q7 in the slalom. It's not relevant to anyone who has to pay their own car insurance. I'd like to see Repsumer Conorts go out, too. There's little reason to read their reviews because they're invariably multipage manifestos where they b*tch about how hard it is to operate the radio and then try to predict reliability. They've gotten burned plenty of times on their reliability guesses. And if they can't operate a car radio, they should quit their job and go work in Burger King - although operating a cash register can be even more confounding than selecting your favorite XM station.

    The car reviews I actually read and reference? Wayne's work is the standard and should be the template for automotive reviews. Pictures showing seating position, honest appraisals of ride/handling/NVH on roads we all drive every day, comprehensive TCO analysis, and fuel economy numbers you can actually use for comparison among different models. And if it breaks down, he will tell you. If the EPA numbers are out of whack, he will tell you. What are braking distances from 100 to 0? He won't tell you because he didn't try. He will ask why the hell you're driving 100 unless it involves driving like Thelma and Louise on the most direct route to the bottom of the canyon.
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    I'm a picture man, too.;) Lotsa car-TOONS! Even married an R-tist. But.... what does Wayne's World have to do with things? :D Oh, I made a mistake.
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