Toyota’s Heartfelt New Advert Welcoming Home Our Heroes

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    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – December 2, 2019

    Yellow Paper

    In Toyota’s latest nationwide advert the importance of family separated by duty and the homecoming was featured in a holiday spot called “Yellow Paper.”

    The 90-second spot premiered during NBC’s Sunday Night Football “Thanksgiving Special.” The spot is next scheduled for the NBC primetime special, “Christmas in Rockefeller Center,” on December 4 with a personalized setup from a show host.

    “Yellow Paper” shares a familiar story of service members returning home for the holidays after a military deployment. The group is welcomed at the airport with a special heartfelt greeting – the recognizable yellow ribbon – displayed in the terminal by excited family and travelers, bringing everyone together. The greeting evokes pure emotion from the uniformed service members, many of whom are actual veterans, reminding viewers what’s most important this holiday season.
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