Hyundai to Carry Thule Accessories at Dealerships

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    [​IMG] Outdoor brand Thule partners with Hyundai to further both brands active lifestyle push!

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – November 15, 2019

    2020 Hyundai Kona

    Thule Roof Rack with Snowboard attached.​

    Hyundai announced a new partnership with Thule in that customers can purchase Thule’s vehicle bike racks, roof racks, winter and water sport racks, and other cargo carriers and basket accessories directly from many Hyundai dealers nationwide. Thule accessories can transport sports equipment and luggage safely, easily, and with style.

    Thule believes in the value of an active lifestyle and thus this partnership comes at a perfect time where Hyundai is expanding its line of SUVs.

    Thule designs and manufactures products including roof racks, bike, water and winter sport carriers, roof boxes, luggage, computer and camera bags, sports bags and backpacks, and child-related products such as baby joggers, child bike seats and bike trailers. The brands products are sold in more than 140 countries worldwide.

    Thule Group, everything is about making it easy to live an active life. Our motto, "Active Life, Simplified." captures the ambition of how they develop products so that those who buy them can live an active life a little easier.


    Thule is a Company whose products are found around the globe. Its employees focus on developing safe, easy-to-use and stylish solutions for active families and outdoor enthusiasts.

    The company was founded in 1942, by the Thulin family, when Erik Thulin, an outdoor enthusiast put the Thule name on a pike fishing trap that he designed and began to sell to the fisherman of Scandinavia. It wasn’t long before he added other practical things to his company’s portfolio.

    By the 1960s, the company began to concentrate its business on car-related products that would make it easier for people to bring different gear with them. The first ski rack was introduced in 1962. In the 1970s, new product categories were added with the growth of new sports such as alpine skiing and new markets were also opened all over the world.

    The Thulin family sold the company in 1979 to the Eldon Group and continued to grow...

    Thule offers products for the smallest items such as laptop cases, sleeves and bags, as well as heavier items that provide owners the ability to transport equipment inside, outside or on top of their vehicle. This could range from branded bike carriers, and roof racks for snowboards, skis, and to the brands rooftop tents.

    Thule equipment is sold in over 140 countries with nine production facilities, 35 sales offices, and over 2,300 employees. Thule Group's head office is located in Malmö, Sweden.
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    I asked my Hyundai dealership for a bike mounted roof or trunk rack. They said nothing is offered and strongly not recommended for a Sonata :-(.
    Big downside and I'll make sure my next car will offer that (most do).
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    I bought a Prius liftback ( instead of the c ) so I could put my mountain bike INSIDE the vehicle.
    It's no SUV ( thank God ) but a Fit isn't a pickup truck , and some of us carry LOTS of stuff in one.
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    Yes I strongly prefer liftbacks:). They should offer more in the US and not make them only look like one. Accord/Civic/Sonata '20 could have been one.
    I need though to fit 2 bikes. Not impossible with some vehicles but still a roof rack gives some extra storage.
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