Ford Will Soon Add Over-The-Air Software Updates to Keep Vehicles Current

Discussion in 'Ford' started by xcel, Oct 31, 2019.

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    [​IMG] Most updates will be virtually invisible to customers.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – October 31, 2019


    After you have purchased a new vehicle, have you wished it would be repaired in your driveway? Tesla leads this over-the-air update (OTA) solution and now Ford is moving forward with it as well.

    In 2020, Ford will begin equipping most redesigned vehicles in the U.S. with advanced over-the-air update technology, making it easy to wirelessly upgrade vehicles with updates that can help improve vehicles over time and reduce dealer trips.

    Ford expects to deliver its first updates about six months after launching the first vehicles with the capability in 2020. Other updates could add new features to your vehicle, just as when Ford added Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility to SYNC 3 through USB and WiFi updates several years ago.

    Some updates will be invisible to customers, enabled by an innovative platform that installs much of the new software in the background. This new platform keeps current software running until the new version is ready for activation – something that no other vehicle, or even some popular smartphones, can do today.

    Customers can select a regular time they are not using the vehicle – such as the middle of the night for many – to schedule updates their vehicle is off, meaning they may not even notice the installation occurred once they start their car. Most other updates can be activated in under two minutes, while any updates that may require the vehicle to be parked can be scheduled to take place when customers find it most convenient.

    Customers can receive notifications detailing the software updates when they are available and can even opt in to have the updates applied automatically over Wi-Fi or cellular connections. In-vehicle alerts will then tell customers what updates were installed when they start the vehicle the next time.
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    I can connect remotely to my cars in the garage about 90% of the time (not 100%), so I'm not sure this new tech will work well for me. Certainly if able to supplement with household wi-fi, I'd be all set.
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    A modern computer-controlled appliance that works 90% of the time ? Sounds about right.
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    So this means a new Ford will always and forever require updates.

    And who pays for that?

    Ford no longer wants you as a customer, .. they want you as a customer AND a client. (not that it's a new thing, .. but they just piled on)
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    Convenient transportation as a service...

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