Nissan Introduces an AWD Leaf+ Prototype

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    [​IMG] 308 hp and 501 lb of torque driving 3,800 lbs through 4 wheels should touch 6-seconds to 60.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – October 25, 2019

    Nissan AWD Leaf+ Prototype


    Nissan revealed a higher power, twin-motor AWD test car equipped with technology destined for the company's next generation of EVs.

    The 100% electric Nissan LEAF e AWD includes front and rear high-power motors is said to achieve acceleration, cornering and braking performance, on par with the latest sports cars.

    High-Output Twin-Motor Drive

    Using separate front and rear electric motors, the powertrain generates 308 hp and 501 lb-ft of torque from 0 RPM makes it quick. The AWD part makes it stick.

    Ride Comfort

    The AWD Leaf e control of both motors provides minimum pitch thanks to regenerative rear motor braking.

    Inside, the prototype includes a 12.3” display mounted in the center of the instrument panel that reports, in real-time, information on the vehicle control technology.

    The 12.3" display looks like a mess attached to an underlying 7 or 8" display.​

    Will there be a new chemistry or active cooling so we do not see spent packs in less than 100k miles? My fingers are crossed that the current e+ larger pack needs 1. Less high-speed charging, and 2. Lower C-rates thanks to the larger pack. For the next gen, hopefully even better.
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    Nissan has lost a lot of time - they could have built on the success they had with the Leaf, and they still could be a leader in EVs IF they now put in a lot of work. They need to bring additional new EV models to market, and they need to improve the Leaf. The photo of the dash above, shows one of the easiest things they can do - is get rid of the flared sides of the center console. These prevent any driver who is taller than average from being comfortable - this prevented me and my family from getting a new Leaf to replace our 2015.
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    Hi Neil:

    I have to agree in some regards.

    The Leaf however was never really comfortable to me. On the interior, only until the latest generation did they get rid of the cheap ass mouse fur on cardboard headliner. Nissan should have never charged $30k+ for that kind of cheapness.

    Moving to today, the LEAF is on life support as September 2019 U.S. LEAF sales of 1,048 was down 32.9 percent from the 1,563 sold in September of 2018. YTD sales of 9,111 were down 14.7 percent from the 10,686 sold through the same period of 2018.

    Nissan is following the std. tried and true 5-year model generation release and it is not working. Tesla on the other hand releases new "stuff" and features from year to year to year. 226 miles of AER for as much as $42,500 in a LEAF? Those are closing in on Model 3 prices without the 310 miles of AER in the $47k Long Range. And not even close to the same level of curb appeal so why bother with a LEAF? :(

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    How is that defined? If at the wheels, it's not so much. If it at the motors (combined?), it's meaningless without knowledge of relevant gear ratio(s).
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    Rightly or wrongly, there may be concern about inadequate temperature regulation of the battery pack in the Leaf(s).
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    Hi RedylC94:

    At 0 RPM and only 0 RPM is that amount of torque available from the electric motors.


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