2016 Nissan Versa SV Fuel Mileage Update

Discussion in 'Nissan' started by Ford Man, Oct 10, 2019.

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    With the Corona virus happening and in some cases just out riding around looking over the country for something to do a fair amount of the driving on this tank was 45MPH and a small amount at 40 MPH. I knew this was going to be a good tank and was hoping to break my previous best tank of 51.167 but the last couple times I drove it were slightly cooler/rainy days. This tank brought my overall average up from 47.081 to 47.231 MPG. I need to work on getting that average back as high as possible in preparation for next winter. This past winter I was able to maintain over a 47 MPG average. Last year 4 tanks from time of purchase-4/26 my average MPG was 45.180 MPG. This year 5 tanks 1/8-4/19 my average is 47.599 MPG. Some may remember I added an electronic throttle controller in Dec. 2019 that claimed it would help mileage. Worst tank since is 46.089 MPG and during the winter my MPG numbers from tank to tank were much more consistent. As the weather has warmed up this spring the numbers have increased accordingly Prior to adding the the controller I'd had 6 tanks with a lower MPG than 46.089. I think the controller is doing what they claim but with gas back down to $1.399 a gallon it's going to have a much longer return of $60 investment.
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    One station(others?) in the south, reported $0.86 per gallon, yesterday.
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    I was out today and already at Walmart so I topped off the tank in the Versa even though the gauge was still showing over 3/8 of a tank. Gas was $1.509 a gallon today. This was my best tank to date in the Versa, 414.4 miles on 7.888 gallons for 52.535 MPG and 54.516% above EPA. With the corona virus going on and sometimes just out riding around for something to do a lot of this tank was at 40-45 MPH just looking over the countryside. My lifetime average is now 47.404 MPG with a lifetime average of 39.424% above EPA. The best my lifetime average has ever been was on 10/29/2019 at 47.443 and 39.539% above EPA. Back to back tanks over 50 MPG, 50.638 and 52.535.
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    Nice work!
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    Back in 1980(?), I remember a two tank average at 50MPG, over a thousand mile route with my Plymouth Champ.
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    In 1980 I was driving a car with a V8 that got about 13-15MPG. Lately with the cost of fuel being down my fuel costs per mile have been cheaper than they were in the late '70's and 80's. I bought my first economy car in 1981, an MG Midget that got about 25MPG. How things have changed over the years. My mom has a '99 Mercury Grand Marquis with a 4.6L V8 that will get as good of mileage as the MG did. I drove her Grand Marquis on a 540 mile trip several years ago, with the c/c set at 55MPH on the highway and about 20-30 miles city traffic I was able to get 31.48MPG.
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    Hmmm ... During most of 1980 I was driving a 1267 cm³ Four that typically got about 41 mpg---better than it had before fuel shortages and rapidly increasing prices (approaching $1/gallon --- horrors!) slowed me down. However, it was getting rusty, and was a sedan, so I replaced it with the Mazda GLC in December.
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