2016 Nissan Versa SV Fuel Mileage Update

Discussion in 'Nissan' started by Ford Man, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. Ford Man

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    Where I live is on top of a small hill so when I leave home from a cold start all I have to do is get it on the road and get it started rolling then the car will coast to the stop sign about .4 of a mile from home. Not getting great mileage on the cold start but at least I'm not having to give it extra gas to climb a hill or move on flat land. Speed limit on this road is 30 MPH too and that's about how fast I can get going on the downhill coast.
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  2. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    With the Prius , I'd prefer having an uphill when I start out. There is zero chance of the engine shutting off
    for at least a mile anyway , so I'd like to get past that temperature threshold as soon as possible.
    I have a downhill run now , about 0.9 miles.
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  3. Ford Man

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    Temp was 37* and cloudy so it was warmer on the way to church than forecast but was colder for the return trip than was forecast only 41* and cloudy on the way home. Mileage dropped from 44.9 to 44.4 MPG for the tank. I think when spring gets here and I can take a closer look at it I'm going to see if I can figure out how to make a warm air intake to see if it will help next winter. Big problem is there's limited space under the hood and the exhaust manifold is on the firewall side of the engine and is where I'd like to get my air from. The intake air tube is on the other side of the engine and the two sides are partially separated by the transmission and a motor mount that blocks lots of access. If I make a warm air intake it's going to need to be about 3" in diameter and I'm not sure there's anywhere I can run a tube that large.
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  4. xcel

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    Hi Ford Man:

    Tomorrow is the all-new 8th gen 2020 Nissan Sentra detail release. While it would not be in your roundhouse for replacing your steal of a deal 2016, it has significant upgrades to make it segment leading in a number of areas.

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  5. BillLin

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    Ford Man, do you have a grille guard yet? I don't remember...

    edit: and of course I meant grille block :)... glad it was understood. :)
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  6. Ford Man

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    I don't have one and part of reason is because of the problems Nissan has had with the CVT's. I know heat is a killer of automatic transmissions. I kind of wanted to keep the extra air flow for this reason. A grill block is something else I may try to make next summer but, I'll probably only use it in the winter.
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  7. litesong

    litesong litesong

    The following info may help you. I had a Dodge Caliber with Nissan CVT that worked well with a 158 HP engine (much more power & weight than your Versa). I sold it after 7 years, because I feared CVT problems later in the car's life. Years later tho, I met 3 Caliber owners who had 150,000 to 230,000 miles on their CVTs. They had no problems.... in our cooler NW weather, west of the Cascade mtns & east of the Salish Sea (Puget Sound). Once, Seattle on the cooler Salish Sea, had its hottest recorded day ever, 103F & 111F, 20 miles east of Seattle. I drove around in the hot weather with no problems, never had regards to driving in hot weather & years later, still had no problems with the CVT.
    If you're a feather footer & avoid really hot days, I think your CVT will be fine, even in North Carolina.
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  8. Ford Man

    Ford Man Well-Known Member

    I haven't driven the Versa much this week. I'm currently about 300 miles into this tank and the Ultra Gauge is showing 44.5 MPG for the tank. All the driving this week temps have been in the low-mid 40's. I'll likely be driving it at least a couple hundred miles over the next week or so. High temperatures are forecast to be in the 50's-60's and lows in 40's-50's for about the next week so mileage should improve a little.
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  9. Ford Man

    Ford Man Well-Known Member

    I refilled the tank today. I'd been 421.0 miles and used 9.090 gallons for an average of 46.31 MPG. Ultra Gauge reading was 45.3 at fill up. Not bad mileage for December.
  10. BillLin

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  11. Ford Man

    Ford Man Well-Known Member

    Filled up again yesterday 414.9 miles on 8.821 gallons for 47.04MPG. December and January driving I'll take it!! Still don't know whether the throttle controller is helping mileage or not but, I'm getting better mileage than I expected to see for this time of year. We've had a pretty mild winter thus far with most daytime temps being in the mid 40's - mid 60's and nighttime temps usually being in the mid 30's to mid 40's. Saturday it's supposed to be 70* but the forecast is for rain and possibly thunderstorms.
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  12. Ford Man

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    I just filled the tank on the Versa again yesterday. The mileage was 46.24MPG. Of the 3 tanks I've ran since installing the throttle controller this was the lowest mileage I've had. The other 2 tanks were 46.32 and 47.04. 3 tank average has been 46.52MPG. I don't know just how much it's helping mileage but I'm pretty well convinced it's helping some. Although the winter has been pretty mild here and I haven't had to drive the Versa in much really cold weather I'm well satisfied with the mileage it has been getting. I think it's doing great considering I had some tanks near this mileage back during the summer. If I recall correctly when I bought the throttle controller and I tried to get a winter baseline on a very limited amount of early spring/late fall/winter driving I had established a base line of 45.1MPG. Currently my overall average since buying the car in Feb. 2019 is 47.09MPG. Back in the fall I was just hoping to keep my overall average above 45MPG throughout the winter. It's looking like I might maintain a 47MPG but if not it will be somewhere between 46.5-47MPG.
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