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  1. Got a call from the teenager girl that she was on the side of the road and the tire was under the car. 2008 Hyundai sonata

    After the car got towed home she said the steering was 'way off center and hard to turn the other day'.

    Looks like the lower ball joint popped and took the axle with it.

    First check says tie rods aren't broken. Should I replace them anyway?
    Put new wheel studs on too ? They look ok. Tire was still attached.

    It's dark now, I'll get a better look and a parts list after work tomorrow.

    Did some explaining that if the car isn't perfect, it would be a good idea to call before you drive it.

    A eye opener for me too. I haven't driven it in a month or so. I will now be driving it every other weekend.
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    I remember when this happened to my Civic Si. I had about two seconds of warning before the left front end fell down on its knee.
    I'm glad it happened at 5 MPH instead of 50.
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  5. ball joint and Axle are back on the car. I drove it about 15 miles seems straight and back to normal. I think I'm still going to take it in and have a mechanic look at it just to double-check everything on the front end.

    After I got it back together I now have an ABS light on the dash. It's probably the ABS sensor on the wheel hub that broke. I did take it to the auto parts store. Their code reader had an option to read ABS codes but nothing came up. The ABS light wasn't on the dash before the axle and ball joint broke. Maybe the shop I take it to to check out the front end can read the code. If it's the ABS sensor Advance Auto wanted $90 for it
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    The wire going to the sensor may have been pinched or stretched? Other cause of ABS issue on one wheel is worn wheel bearing so it's possible that the bearing was damaged by the popped ball joint and the wheel and knuckle getting bent out of position.
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