Month of April 2019 (Nat’l Avg $2.629)

Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by Gord, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Today 45 deg F , wind NNE 5. 35.1 miles , 60.08 MPG.
    Tank is at 293.8 miles , 60.82 MPG, six pips remaining.
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  2. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    Definitely awful TFF :eek:

    Wednesday going home - very slow - no chance of motorway so detour #2, 48°F, head/crosswind 12ENE:
    42.0 / 19.2

    Thursday morning, frosty 37°F, tailwind 6E:
    49.8 / 21.6

    Last night, stupid busy - couldn't even get to main dual carriageway to motorway so different detour. FCD did that weird reset MPG thing again and was only showing 16MPG after 4 miles which was totally wrong. Ultragauge was in the 40's and finished at 44.3! As per last time I'll run with it as FCD is usually higher than actual anyway!. Head/crosswind 9ENE, 49°F:
    37.9 / 19.8

    To work this morning, motorway route, freezing 30°F rising to 34°F at work, tail/crosswind 6NE:
    51.6 / 21.1 - Best commute of the week

    Tank down 0.7 at 45.9 (FCD 48.4) / 356.1 / Range 290 . Guess gauge F___«|««««E . UG down 0.1 at 50.2 / DTE 322

    Lost 3rd pip @ 320 miles

    The Ultragauge seems very high and may be affected by my increased engine off activity while I'm driving solo!
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  3. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Yeah. It's hard to stomach sinking that chunk of money into an older car. But that's a major safety item, ABS. Just gotta arrange the finances and then bring it back in. I've got a month for them to still apply the diagnostic fee to the job.

    52.8 / 5.3 - home
    52.3 / 12 - this morning

    So that's still working. Tank 44.9 / 102 mi after the shop ran it down.
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  4. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Not sure if I would even fix it. I drove hundreds of thousands of miles in non-ABS cars.
    Learned how to modulate the braking pressure to avoid locking up and skidding.
    But I admit I can't do it as well as ABS can , especially after 11 years of driving WITH ABS.
    Tough call. But if I was carrying children , it would be a no-brainer.
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  5. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Gord , I know you've been using Ultra gauge for a long time , even in your Honda diesel. Would you recommend
    it ? Has it been reliable ? Do they have a setting for hybrid cars ? I've had a Scangauge for a long time , but it
    barely works today , and I want something that WORKS.
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  6. TheFordFamily

    TheFordFamily Well-Known Member

    Filled-up the rental car before turning it in. 2018 Ford Escape.

    3.490 Gallons
    100.3 Miles
    28.74 MPG
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  7. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    You handily beat the fuelly average. :)
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  8. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Today , 35 deg F , wind ENE 6-11. 35.1 miles , 57.01 MPG.
    Tank is at 375.3 miles , 60.26 MPG.
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  9. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Edwin, my Ultragauge has been supremely reliable, can’t fault it.
    Don’t know about hybrid cars but it doesn’t cope with my cylinder-on-demand Audi engine, however the calibration seems to take care of that if my driving is ‘normal’!
    I’ve had a couple of weird FCD resets recently but the UG carries on regardless and I think I believe it’s numbers over the FCD which is generally +5.3% anyway.
    I must have had the UG over 10 years now and I still love it, the battery voltage is something I check frequently as my car is sometimes not used for a week (when car pooling) and it’s also useful to see the engine load and an accurate RPM reading but that might just be me being a hypermiling geek ;)
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  10. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    46.2 for the last tank.

    That aligns pretty closely with what my UG read (47.0), but the last tank read a lot lower than my pump calculation (44.8 vs over 48 after pump math). Dunno what to blame here, as my calibrations on the UG have been problematic. I'm not unhappy with that tank, though.

    As to UG reliability, I'm not disappointed. I like that it has provided me deeper diagnostic functions over the years. I don't think it meshes with my Honda's DFCO, I have never gotten it to calibrate better than 5% of my pump calculations. I do like the form factor, price, and depth of information, but the ScanGauge is more user-friendly, made here in the USA, and in basic terms, provides everything you need as a hypermiler.
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  11. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Thanks , Gord and James.
    We had 2-3" of nasty wet snow Sunday , and I did have to drive in it for about 12 miles.
    This morning , there was a thick crust of ice on all my car windows.
    31 deg F , wind E 5-8 , 16.3 miles , 55.33 MPG.
    Tank fell to 462.7 miles , 58.50 MPG.
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  12. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Had to take the trailer out on Saturday, in the rain.
    35 mpg out, 36 back

    Then 60 mpg / 5.2 this morning to work.

    The tank is 45.7 / 148 mi, just below F.
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  13. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    Friday lunchtime, motorway route, 48°F, headwind 10E:
    50.8 / 19.6

    Saturday morning went 4UP + dog to seaside, 45°F, headwind 11E:
    47.3 / 58.4
    50.9 / 58.5 . 48°F, tailwind 12E coming back

    To work yesterday, tried detour #1 reversed, 40°F, tailwind 9E:
    50.2 / 20.1 - Not too bad

    Last night no chance of motorway (massive 2-lane queue) so detour #3, 52°F, headwind 12E:
    45.7 / 20.1

    This morning, motorway route, 43°F, cross/tailwind 7NE:
    50.1 / 21.6

    Tank up 1.0 at 46.9 (FCD 49.4) / 554.4 / Range 75 . Guess gauge F____|__««E . UG down 0.6 at 49.6 / DTE 116
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  14. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Today , 51 deg F , a few rain drops falling. Just a few. Wunderground said the wind was coming from the
    north at 6-14 MPH (headwind for me ) , in Wood Dale. I disagree. My gut ( and fcd ) suggest It's been coming from
    the south and west at about 10-12 MPH. I suppose that each little weather station that reports to wunderground
    has a different wind patter happening. They do call us "Windy City".
    35.1 miles , 61.84 MPG. Tank is at 531.3 miles , 59.15 MPG. Not much chance of a 60 tank , but we'll try.
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  15. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    52.8 / 5.3 home last night. I wasted a little gas "playing" but by working the lanes and lights I had that one impatient driver pass me in a rage three times. :D

    53.2 / 11.5 this morning
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  16. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    42.1 up to Dallas. I have come to the conclusion that the Civic's little engine just really hates to drag around much weight. I am 44+ on that drive when more lightly laden.

    In better news, I picked up my new truck today. And I mean NEW. 2020 Freightliner Cascadia P4. Has their new aero package, a generator, and the Detroit DT12 automated manual transmission. Think along the lines of a dual-clutch transmission in a car, except shifted with air, and you'll get the general idea. It's supposed to be notably more fuel-efficient. As time goes on, I guess we'll see. For the moment I am more excited about the added amenities and overhauled interior :)
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  17. RedylC94

    RedylC94 Well-Known Member

    Likewise, and never locked up and skidded out of control.

    However, I wonder whether in an ABS-equipped car with ABS not functioning, the front vs. rear balance might be worse than in a decent example of a pre-ABS vehicle.
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  18. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    I love looking in the rear-view mirror and seeing the rage on their faces, lol. Sometimes they throw both hands up in the air in
    James, it will be interesting to see how efficient this new Freightliner is.

    Today , 48 deg F , a bit of a headwind (NE). 35.1 miles , 56.08 MPG.
    New tank is at 41.4 miles , 58.31 MPG.

    Filled up on the way home yesterday. 3rd tank from same pump at Amoco in Naperville. $2.899 for E10 87.
    565.4 miles , fcd = 63.9 x 0.93 = 59.43 MPG. Gallons = 9.244. Dividing gallons into miles gives me 61.16 MPG.
    That would be only 4.5 % optimistic.

    On the previous fill ( April 6 ) the over-report was 4.4%. Does this mean Amoco fuel is better than Shell ?
    I may have to totally re-think the 7% factor I have been using.
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  19. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    I found a salvage part for the ABS for $100. At that price I can try 15 of them to find a good one before reaching the new price.

    48.7 / 5.3 - home with a headwind
    53.6 / 11.4 - this morning

    Tank is up another tick to 46.8 / 181 mi.
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  20. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hope it does the trick Andrew :)
    Looking forward to your truck numbers James
    Edwin - ha ha :D

    Last night even bigger queue to motorway so detour #2, 54°F, head/crosswind 9ENE:
    45.5 / 19.3

    This morning, motorway route to gas station near work (had a money-off voucher), 46°F, mostly crosswind 7NNE:
    49.6 / 21.7

    Tank Stats

    Miles on tank: 595.4 miles
    GallsUS: 12.42
    Calc. MPG : 48.0 MPG
    Calc. Range: 55.9 miles (allowing for extra in tank)
    FCD Range: 30
    FCD MPG : 49.4 MPG (2.97% over-report)
    UG MPG : 49.5 MPG (3.29% over-report)
    No. of trips: 27
    Average trip length: 22.1
    Average speed 29mph
    Driving time on tank: 20hrs 29mins
    Days since last fill: 15 (very short for me)
    Commuting: 75.8%
    Ave. Temperature: 45.0°F
    Ave. no. of people in car: 1.67 (lowest ever)
    Pmpg for the tank: 80.0

    Average FCD over-report over last 3.75 years is 5.26% so I'll adjust the FCD numbers down by that for each trip.


    From gas station went through supermarket car park, up a ramp to my temporary parking on a side road. Very long way round otherwise. 46°F:

    New tank at 44.5 (FCD 46.8) / 0.6 / Range 600 . Fuel gauge F««««|««««E . UG - no info - not enough miles
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