New 18 Prius Prime Plus for < $17k!!!

Discussion in 'Automotive Hot Deals' started by xcel, Mar 24, 2019.

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    Hi All:

    Toyota has upped the ante yet again...

    2018 Toyota Prius Prime Hot Deal


    A Newport, RI Toyota dealership is offering a 2018 Toyota Prime Plus that retails for $29,027 incl. the $920 D&H charge in Hypersonic Red. East Coast Dealerships should reduce that price by $1,500 so an up front price of $27,527 is feasible. There are only 52 left in the state so they are going fast... Temp tags and Dealer Paperwork usually adds $225 in total for a price of $27,777 + TTL after you drive it home.

    Now the discounts...

    Toyota is offering $5,000 off for Prime's in Rhode Island. I have not checked other East Coast states but would if I were buying.

    Advanced trim shown.​

    In addition, you have a Fed Tax Credit of $4,500 and Californians a $1,500 State Tax rebate.

    $27,777 minus $5,000 - $4,500 - $1,500 = $16,777

    That is a hell of a deal on a brand new Prime in that color. To bad it did not have Android Auto and seating for 5 or I wold be buying one!

    You will have to add tax on ($27,777) + TL.

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    Yes. This is what I want when I retire. My 2015 Prius will have about 130K miles on it by then.
    Plenty of life left in it at that point , but...……… it's not a PHEV. And people might laugh at the limited
    electric range of the Prime , but I would probably only have to burn gas once a week. And that would ( mostly) be because
    gasoline engines need to be run more than once in a while. I could plan my activities to do about 40-50 miles
    that day. Not sure what the price ( of this car , or gasoline ) will be in January 2021 , but we shall see.
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