Winter tires - Cost per mile :(

Discussion in 'General' started by TheStepChild, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Ouch. Wish I would have seen this before I bought them. I remember Wayne mentioned it to me after I had them on the truck.

    While getting gas today I noticed I am very close to the wear bars. There is plenty of tread left but looks like they are done as a winter tire. Guess I'll just leave them on after my usual March and run them down for an extra month.

    Life expectancy is 15000 miles as a winter tire ?!?! OUCH. I do have about 30,000 on them, guess that makes this sit a little better, maybe. But geez, 15,000 mile life expectancy on nearly $1000 tires - you'd think I had a sports car, not a v6 2wd old man truck

    Blizzaks were not my first choice, but they we're in stock and a little cheaper than the Michelin winter's I really wanted.

    I'll do better shopping before next winter

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  2. NeilBlanchard

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    It costs a lot more to not be able to drive in the winter, or to have an accident because you don't have winter tires.

    It costs money to drive a car.
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    The Continental, Nokian and Dunlop winter tires last longer than the Blizzaks. The Dunlop winter tires I bought for a Chevy ten years ago and since traded out are on my nephew's BMW 840, still doing what they do best - allowing a rear drive car to move in snow, and stop reliably when the brake pedal is pressed.

    In my experience, Blizzaks are done by about 20k and the others brands go 25k to 40k. Much of it depends on the weather, too. Winter tires don't wear when driven in actual ice/snow, but rough concrete or worn asphalt wears them down like a pencil eraser against sandpaper.
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  4. I'm going to put these on Craigslist next month, someone will buy them.

    Probably go with the michelins if I still have this truck next winter .

    The last Michelin winters on the last truck had over 50,000 and were about 50%
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  5. Ordered a set of Goodyear winter's for this time around. Every time I don't go with the Michelin's I regret it. But, the Goodyear's were over $300 cheaper. Even if I regret it, I'll have $300 to spend on beer to wash away my sorrows.
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  6. Sold the used blizzaks for $150 on CL
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