2016 Nissan Versa SV MPG, X-Gauges And CVT Questions

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by Ford Man, Mar 1, 2019.

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    I haven't been around in several years and guess I need to change my screen name from Ford Man to something else since I now also own a Nissan along with a yard full of Fords. I just bought this car a couple weeks ago and ran the first tank of gas through it. Most of the driving on this tank was 2 lane rural roads and 4 lane with a small amount of small town driving. I'd driven 408.8 miles and it took 9.654 gallons to fill it up for a tank average of 42.345 MPG. The Nissan onboard fuel consumption computer was a bit optimistic saying I was getting 46.8 MPG or a little over 10% higher than actual. This car was involved in a rear end collision with only 10K miles on the odometer which got it tagged with a rebuilt title. I bought the car with 10546 miles for $5300. My main concern with the Nissan is the issues they've had with their CVT's. I'd be interested to hear from anyone that's got or has had a Nissan with a CVT. I'd like to know how it's doing, what service interval you use on changing the CVT fluid and what brand fluid you use. Also if anyone knows how to set up any x-gauges especially one that tells the transmission fluid temperature on the Versa please give me the information where I can add it to my Scan Gauge.
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    Congratulations! Keep us informed how it behaves, please.
    I tried to study up on that CVT when I was considering buying a Note 4½ years ago, but really don't know much about it. (I was more interested in the manual transmission, which required settling for the stripper trim line in USA.) It seems to have two mechanical ratios, combined with the CVT. I hope yours proves more durable than some of the earlier Nissan CVTs.
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  3. litesong

    litesong litesong

    I had a 2007 Dodge Caliber with the Nissan CVT. Despite the bad press, my Caliber AND CVT worked well. I loved the CVT. As the Caliber lost value, the continuing bad news plus having to replace the gasket mating the engine to the CVT, caused me to trade the "not beautiful" Caliber for the beautiful Hyundai Elantra & its 17-18% better MPG. The Dodge-Nissan CVT was set up, such that the Caliber obtained its best MPG, the nearer you kept the rpms to 2000. Maybe the Versa CVT does the same?
    In addition, the use of 87 octane 100% gasoline (E0) will give 5% to 8% better MPG than 87 octane E10 AND be closer to the trip computer readings.
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    How often did you change the CVT fluid in the Caliber and what brand fluid did you use when you replaced it? I think they may have made some changes to the Nissan CVT's. If I recall correctly the Versa is only at about 1500-1600 RPM's at 55 MPH on flat terrain.

    I'd thought about a Hyundai or Kia when I was looking but I kept reading bad reports on the internet about Kia not standing behind their warranty which turned me against them. One of my cousins had a Kia and if I recall correctly it needed a new transmission at just over 100K miles and I know she religiously took it to the dealer for service up until she died and the vehicle was probably at near 200K miles.

    There's one station here in town that sells E0 but their price is usually 15%+ higher than E10. I tried the E0 in a couple of my cars a few years ago but didn't see any increase in mileage in the ones I tried it in so I went back to the E10. I may try a tank of E0 in the Versa sometime to see what kind of mileage it returns on it but I'll probably wait until summer so I know cold weather doesn't play a factor in lowering the mileage.
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  5. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Had to change it, when Caliber gasket between engine & CVT failed at 53,000+ miles. General Caliber CVT fluid changes are at 60,000 miles. But, it isn't a do-it-yourself job, like regular oil changes. Loved the CVT.... the Caliber, not so much.
    My careful, featherfooting decades long records for 5 low-compression ratio, 87 octane designed gasoline engines showed 87 octane E0 over 87 octane E10, MPG increases of 8%, 8%, 7%-8%, 7%, & 5%. Inaccurate, but "designated" 87 octane E10 gasoline component is only 84 octane.
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  6. Ford Man

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    I refilled the tank in the Versa Saturday night so I've now got 2 tanks through it. This last tank the onboard computer said I was getting 49.9 MPG, I filled the tank with 488.6 miles and it took 10.621 gallons for a tank average of 46.003. This tank consisted of more highway driving than the last. I also put my Ultra Gauge in during part of this last tank. If I recall correctly I'd already driven over 100 miles on this tank when I put it in, but it said I was getting 47.9 MPG so it's more accurate than the factory unit. Normally I get my best mileage in hot weather so I'm curious to see what I can get out of it when the temperature gets up to 85*+. Of course when it gets that hot I'll be using a/c which will pull the mileage down some. I don't doubt that I will at least occasionally pull 50 MPG on this car. Lots of my driving is at speeds in the 45-55 MPH range because of road conditions and I've also noticed I get considerable tire noise inside the car at speeds above 50 MPH. I'd love to have this car in the flat lands of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. Yesterday I was driving it on flat roads here in KY and the Ultra Gauge was continuously reporting 60+ MPG with the c/c set at 50 MPH.
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  7. litesong

    litesong litesong

    I wanted a Versa for years due to its low price for the manual tranny. Glad to hear you got a good price on your low mileage used CVT Versa. Your stories are almost like listening to what my imagined experiences would have been, if I'd bought a Versa. Always got my highest MPG traveling from the Rocky Mountains to Minnesota on the high elevation I-90 or I-80. The thinner air, elevation descent from the Rockies & warm summer days, made for cheap travel.
    As for cheap travel, on other threads here(?), I've been on cheap used tires I bought (or got free) from Craigslist. Been great tires (even my free tires have been good) & I highly recommend Craigslist. Met some very good people, with good information.
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