Eleven years of Arctic Sea Ice Thickening

Discussion in 'Environmental' started by Carcus, Jan 4, 2019.

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    So if you poke around on the DMI website, you could counter my point with their data .... except .. notice how the graphic view (February) stops in 2009 (no updates in 10 years?) .. then you can look at the similar NASA graphic ,,.. and looks fairly downward trending on the two months shown (Sep, Mar) , ... except it starts to turn around at about 2009 .... hmmmm. Sure would be interesting to see the same graphic for january with all the data available.
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    The animation based on satellite data. it stops in 2009.

    /I think we have "satellite history" of the ice in the area dating back to about 1978.
    // also of note: .. the area of the "Northwest Passage" can be seen in same satellite graphic animations. This is the route that was supposed to open up and be a boon to shipping commerce. That's been the dream since 1848 when the HMS Terror (is that a good name for an exploration vessel?) met it's demise in the ice . -- So far, no boon. Maybe that will change. Maybe it won't.

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    I'm not disputing that glaciers have been melting , .... for thousands of years (and sometimes growing). It's the cause that I question.

    I think (don't know, just think ... think) there's a possibility that we are headed back into another mini-ice age... which would be bad news.

    /Glacier National Park is awesome, .. I'd like to go back and see it again sometime.
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    We KNOW why climate change is happening. We will not be having an ice age anytime soon.
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    Until Florida is underwater. There will be no change or the large scale belief that ice is melting.
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