GM to Lay Off 14,700, Close 5 US and Canadian Plants

Discussion in 'In the News' started by xcel, Nov 26, 2018.

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    Another add on the labor cost side. (considering how there's going to be a LOT more parts that are wired up on every car)

    My experience has been that not very many technicians/mechanics (or just people in general) can work with electricity, mathematically or methodically. It's just beyond their reach -- save maybe 1 out of 10(?)..... I suppose schools could do better here, .. maybe/maybe not.

    So to attract those few, you've got to offer the money. Good for those that are doing the work,.. no so good if you're the one paying for it.

    /my "old school" civic is looking better every day -- think I'll go wash it off and pet it.
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    .....AAAaaand another thing !!! (or two)

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    15+ years ago, the U.S. Dept. of Energy worked with communist china(always small letters) to make less polluting coal-fired plants, since communist china (always small letters) was scheduled to build 1000+ coal plants. Of course, there isn't anything such as "clean coal". Thus, Chinese citizen coal & other air pollution deaths will continue to expand into the yearly multi-millions. Years ago, estimates were 20% to almost 30% of air pollution in the western U.S., came from communist china(always small letters).
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    Yeah , but as we know , all Asians wear those masks on their faces 100% of the time , so maybe that helps to keep particulates out of their lungs.

    I wonder how many people I've managed to offend with THAT one , lol.
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    The masks don't help with the tiny sub-2.5 micron particles. In short order, the masks don't help with larger particles either. Plus, anyone needing to take deep breaths, drag all the small particulates deep into their lungs & cannot exhale them completely...... cancers coming up!
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    Hi All:

    GM Placing Impacted U.S. Hourly Employees Update

    More than 1,500 hourly employees impacted by the company’s November 26th announcements have volunteered to transfer to other U.S. locations. To date, nearly 950 employees have accepted transfer opportunities at truck, SUV and crossover related operations.

    U.S. hourly employees that have already been placed into new assignments include 538 employees from Detroit/Hamtramck and 93 employees from Lordstown transferring to Flint Assembly to support the upcoming heavy-duty pickup launch and 132 Lordstown employees being placed at GM’s Spring Hill, Tennessee complex.

    Impacted employees from Baltimore and Warren Transmission will have transfer opportunities closer to their end of production dates.

    GM’s process for transferring impacted employees to other job openings will continue throughout 2019. As previously communicated, GM will have additional job opportunities at manufacturing operations in Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana.

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