2019 Prius Gaining Traction Just Weeks From Today

Discussion in 'In the News' started by xcel, Nov 9, 2018.

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    Hi All:

    Regarding the c, I always felt it was more efficient than the 3rd gen liftback up to 60 to 65 mph or so. The LAX to San DIego drive was in the high 90s or low triple digits IIRC. Against the all-new at the time 4th gen, that is where the new king showed how good it truly is with over 110 mpg on that same drive. I do not think I posted that result as it was an NDA drive for Toyota in preps for something else.

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    Hey Wayne what do you think about the new updates with the HSD System 2? I wounder if they will do a scale down to 1.5L on that system and do a gen 2 Aqua in Japan? Also, I wounder if the Sky-X 56% Thermal Efficiency will come to Toyota since they are trading engine tech for hybrid tech?
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    The Aqua and Prius c will likely be replaced with a Yaris hybrid. Toyota is already consolidating different hatchback, wagon, and sedan models into the Corolla. Most of the hybrid system improvements are from the ICE side, and getting better thermal efficiency could be more difficult in smaller engines.

    I don't foresee an HCCI engine in a full hybrid any time soon for the same reason diesel hybrids are rare; cost. Perhaps once the technology has become more widespread, and its costs have come down. Mazda could add their start/stop and regenerative braking to a SkyActiv-X car, and make it a mild hybrid.
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