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Discussion in 'General' started by Blackbelt, Nov 9, 2018.

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    About 3 weeks ago a deer jumped out of a cornfield right in front of my Prius C. I couldn't stop in time. Although the deer survived to damage another car someday, my poor Toyota did sustain some damage. I dropped it off at the bodyshop Monday to get it repaired. The nice young lady from Enterprise picked me up in what turned out to be my rental car. A 2018 Ford Fusion Titanium hybrid! I was quite pleased. It's a nice car. I am still getting the feel for it, and as such it isn't delivering the kind of numbers my Toyota does, but it's doing pretty well. Not sure how much longer i will have it, but will report back when i turn it back in.
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    Glad you did not get hurt, and the deer survived... Sorry to hear about the Prius C, though. At least it was repairable.
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    Hi BlackBelt:

    Also glad you were not hurt. Cars are always repairable/replaceable thank goodness.

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    I was on a 2 lane country road early in the morning with a PSL of 35. I know this road is notorious for deer hits, so i was going about 30. The deer jumped from an elevated position directly in front of me. I did manage to hit the brakes and scrub off some speed, but not enough to prevent damage. All things considered, it was minor, around $2500 in damage to my Toyota. Any accident you can drive away from without a scratch on your body is not a bad accident. It will still cost me $250 for my comprehensive deductible. Deer are still large rats in my eyes, and always will be. Most of the damage was a dent to my hood, since the front end was dipping under hard braking. There was a small cut in the bumper, so i believe they are replacing it.
    The Fusion is frustrating me a bot. I think the battery in it is too small for a lot of meaningful EV driving. I am trying but the best i have done so far is 52.
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