Tire Question: What Would You Do?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jay, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Jay

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    I have a 2002 Acura RSX with 210kmi and I plan on giving it up next spring for the new Mazda3. The tires are old Michelin Primacy MXV4 that are fine on dry roads but no good at all on ice. If I were wintering in Tucson, I would keep the tires but I've decided to stay in Idaho this winter and that means getting new tires. Should I get winter tires or all-season tires?

    I have never had dedicated winter tires before. How do they do in the summer? I'm keeping an eye to resale value and I'd like to get something that will maximize resale value but I also want something that performs really well on ice because that will be the environment I'm driving in till I trade the car. What would you do and why?
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  2. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Jay , I'm wrestling with that same dilemma. I've never had dedicated winter tires before ( I'm 65) , but after last December's accident , I'm seriously considering it.
    When I was living with Fiancee #2 , I bought some for her car and I was amazed when I drove it in the snow. Unstoppable ! I mean , it would stop , turn , accelerate just fine. Now my OEM Yokohama rim protectors have 72K miles on them and I don't think I wanna drive on these thru another snow event. S0........new snow tires, wheels, sensors for $800-900 or just some decent quality LRR all-season ? I do have storage space for the winter tires. I think I have a few more questions for Tire Rack before I pull the trigger. But I know I need to do it.
    And it is NOT recommended to use them for summer , or really any longer than the possibility of snow exists. They are softer than all-season tires and will wear faster. Feel free to correct me if that's wrong , there may be other reasons , too.
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  3. MaxxMPG

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    I use winter tires from December to March but I'm not sure I would spend the money if the car was being traded or sold in six months. A set of winter tires on dedicated wheels makes a car worth more if it is sold in a snow-prone area, but I'm not sure you'd get anywhere near the amount you paid for the whole kit.
    You shouldn't use winter tires in warmer weather. In short-sleeve weather, the soft rubber wears very quickly, and dry road handling becomes sloppy.

    You can choose all-season tires that are tested to do fairly well in winter. Tire Rack tests some in ice/snow and there are some brands that do better than others. Having "new" tires will help resale in the Spring.

    If you do need to do a lot of driving in icy weather, winter tires are well worth the cost for keeping all four corners of the car straight and clean, and also quality of life - far less stress.
    Getting the tires on a cheap set of steelies minimizes the investment and makes installation easy.
    The tire/wheel set can always be craigslisted after the Acura goes away because people in Idaho with a Honda/Acura or Toyota/Scion compact will eagerly buy them in the Fall. I sold an old set of Blizzaks on steel wheels, when they were worn just about to the snow bars, for $250. And that was after using them for five seasons. And that's in the NYC area. People will buy second-hand snow tires.
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  4. Jay

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    Thanks for the comments. My car is worth maybe $1000 and I hate putting a lot of money into it just before I trade it. I hate crashing even worse, though. :p

    I hadn't thought to look at Craigslist. That might be the way to go.
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  5. MaxxMPG

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    Craigslist, assuming you are near Boise - https://boise.craigslist.org/search/wto?query=winter+tires - you can change location with the dropdown box on the left and keep the tire query.
    I see these - https://boise.craigslist.org/wto/d/winter-tires-and-rims/6702308102.html - up by Nampa, if you can jam 205-60-16s into your wheelwells. Stock size is 205-55-16 so the snows are about 7/8" taller.
    They're multipattern 5x110 (GM/Opel/Fiat) and 5x4.5 which is 5x114.3. The RSX should be standard Honda 5x114.3 over 64.1mm center bore. You will likely need centering rings to step down the generic wheel center bore to 64.
    Asking 395 but you can likely knock them down a little. I usually tell them I am broke because i am spending all my money on a pet psychatrist to help my pet mongoose overcome a fear of snakes. Poor thing is starving to death.
    I'd bet money you could turn around and sell them next year for about what you paid for them, too.
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  6. Jay

    Jay Well-Known Member

    Boise is a possibility but its 300 miles away. I owe my brother a nice dinner and he's in Boise. Hmmm. I'll try locally first.
  7. MaxxMPG

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  8. For the last 10 years I've had dedicated snow tires/wheels for my 2wd trucks and vans. Unbelievable difference. In heavy snow and or ice, my rwd truck accelerates off the line and stops better than the awd/fwd/4wd vehicles that think they're invincible. Will never go without snow tires unless I am too broke to afford them. Bought a dedicated set for the wife's caravan, and looking for a used set for the kids Saturn ( have the wheels, just need tires)

    If you're getting rid of the vehicle in the spring, 98%+ of people probably won't notice if it's summer or winter tires. When I traded in my xB it had blizzaks on it . dealership said they didn't care summer vs winter only tread depth.

    X4 on Craigslist. I did get the wife's winter tires on Craigslist .Used 1 winter $250 for the set
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  9. Blackbelt

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    I've always used the analogy that you would not go out to shovel the snow off of your driveway wearing sandals, right? So why drive on "sandals"? Get yourself(and your car) some good boots, AKA winter tires. I put a set of Firestone winterforce II's on my Prius C last winter and it was fantastic in the snow. The difference really is dramatic. I would follow Maxx suggestion, find a good set of used ones. Nothing below 6/32" of tread depth. Preferably 8/32 or deeper. Below 6/32 they really can't do the job and clear the snow and arent much better than good all seasons when you hit 4/32"
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