Anyone have an electric riding lawn mower

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  1. 2 weeks in a row I've spent more time wrenching on my 20 year old riding lawn mower than I have mowing with it. Wife has been telling me since last mowing season to get a new mower. I think I'm about ready.

    Found this one at home depot with good reviews|G|Base|All-Products|All|All|PLA|71700000014585962|58700001236285396|92700010802552439&gclid=CjwKCAjw8ajcBRBSEiwAsSky_WK1mUH5uCgUMtQd9hAwaORBrwzXgL5OoZSjALWrp7nYmhIO07wwFBoCY0cQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CO2ex-vLmt0CFcxsAQodbzcDzg

    I have 1.5 acres to mow. Mostly flat except the ditch by the road. Its barely wider than the house and about 925' deep. A few trees and minor obstacles, nothing major.

    With no breakdowns it takes just under 2 hrs to mow with a 46" deck.

    Anyone using an electric rider?
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  2. Findings so far:
    12 hour charge time from fully depleted on the lead acid batteries. Usually mow on the weekends. Would probably put the charger on a timer so it only charges on the night/weekend rate on my TOU plan.
    4-5 year life expectancy out of the batteries. Quick web search finds the 100ah for $280/each and the smaller 75ah for $200

    Local home Depot has a 75 ah model in stock, "all season without selling one" said the rep. I heard, "we will be deeply discounting this one soon". 75ah model would probably do it for me on my 1.5 acres but would prefer the extra ah.

    Comparable priced gas mower would get me this John Deere zero turn
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    With lead-acids, the actual life is likely to be heavily dependent on the percentage of theoretical capacity you suck out between recharges.
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    Right - lead acid is the big caveat with the Ryobi riding mower. The only company I know of that makes a riding mower with lithium batteries, is Mean Green Mowers:

    It is not cheap, but it looks to be professional grade.
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