2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Metallic intermittent Clunk, on acceleration and when slowing down

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    I own a 2012 Honda civic hybrid with 72,000 km on it. About a month ago it started making an unusual intermittent, clunk, or metallic click or, like two pieces of metal sliding apart. Heavy application of brakes, or heavy acceleration does not bring it on. Going up or down a hill will sometimes bring it on more often.
    The 1st visit to the dealer to find the problem we tried a brake service for $60.00, The brake service found and removed a rock jammed in the left front calper.
    I Left the lot and the noise did it again 1/2 a block from the dealership, 5 times in 1/2 a km, the loudness varies but pedestrians can hear it they are close by.

    The next day the service manager went for a ride and could clearly hear it, at first he said it was brakes but after stop, start test he said no it's not that. Than he thought it was the engine stop start mechanism, but than said no! He honestly said he was puzzled.
    The Second shop inspection, the service manager said he supervised the inspection, and at one point had three technicians on it. They removed left front calliper, and the clips were tight. They checked front end, engine mounts, and bushings. Everything was tight. This cost $99.00 but they said they spent longer much than 1 hour on it.

    Now they Recommended a trans service to see if noise was trans related. So i said yes, because the milage was at the trans service interval anyway. They replace CVT trans fluid, & transfer case fluid. They noticed a decent amount of Metal on magnetic drain plug. Labor and fluids $160.00.
    Total bills $460.00 and i still have my clunk, click. Warranty has expired, but i still have IMA warranty.
    The three technicians said just drive it until it gets worse and it is easy to find. The service manger said do not spend any more money on it, and asked how long do we want to keep the car. Now I asked what about the metal fillings in the transmission, he said Honda does not let us open transmission's, and he said it will be hard to find a transmission shop that will touch a hybrid transmission.
    Does anyone have any guesses as to the cause of the clunk, should i take their advice and just ignore the noise. Should i panic about the metal filings in the Tranny. I do believe the service manager when he says they tried hard to find the issue. We do really like the car, however this is my second Civic hybrid with issues, however maybe it's time to switch brands.
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