D$W to host a National Drive Electric Week event on 9-8 in Greenfield WI

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    Calling all D$W members and friends,

    Drive $mart Wisconsin will be hosting a National Drive Electric Week event on Saturday Sept 8th at the Greenfield Public Library from 10am to 2pm. A PHEV/EV panel discussion will be from 11am to 1pm in the library community room while displays and rides will be in the parking lot.

    This event will offer displays and demo rides of PHEV/BEV vehicles as well as a PHEV/EV panel discussion on:
    - fundamentals of PHEV/BEV vehicles including safety
    - exploration of battery and charging technology and options
    - financial/environmental advantages in ownership
    - Driving $mart strategies to optimize benefits/performance

    We are looking for volunteers to help run the event, PHEV/BEV owners to display and talk about their rides and to offer demo rides if possible and speakers with knowledge or expertise in the above topics. to offer your services please register at the NDEW website under our Greenfield event.


    Thanks for your consideration and we hope you can help us out and have a great time as well,

    Bradlee Fons
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