Toyota Q2 2019 Sales of 1,189,312, up 3.0%

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    Toyota Motor North America Reports U.S. Sales for June, First Half 2018

    •TMNA, Toyota and Lexus divisions set light truck sales record
    •RAV4, Highlander posted best-ever June and first half
    •Lexus NX Hybrid recorded best-ever June

    Toyota reported June 2018 sales of 209,602 units. With one more selling day in June 2018 compared to June 2017, sales were up 3.6 percent on volume basis and down 0.3 percent on a daily selling rate (DSR) basis.

    For the first half of the year, TMNA reported sales of 1,189,312 units, up 3.0 percent on a volume basis versus the same period in 2017. On a DSR basis, sales were up 1.6 percent versus last year.

    Toyota division posted June 2018 sales of 185,852 units, up 4.4 percent on a volume basis and up 1.9 percent on a DSR basis.

    “Record June light truck sales, led by RAV4 and Highlander, solidified Toyota as the No. 1 selling retail brand through the first half of this year,” said Andrew Gilleland, vice president of Sales Operations, Toyota division. “Strong consumer demand on Toyota Camry, the excitement of the all-new 2019 Toyota Avalon and Corolla Hatchback, paired with excellent light truck availability sets us up for continued strong sales throughout the summer.”

    Lexus posted June sales of 23,750 units, down 2.6 percent on a volume basis and down 6.2 percent on a DSR basis.

    “Lexus closed out the first half of the year up led by best-ever LUV sales,” said David Christ, group vice president and general manager, Lexus division. “RX is up seven percent year-to-date and remains the top-selling luxury vehicle in the industry while the NX delivered ten percent year-over-year growth. In addition to these great results, we successfully launched our flagship sedan, the all-new LS 500, and the all-new RXL. We’re looking forward to continued success in the third quarter, which will get a boost from our all-new ES sedan that goes on sale in September.”

    June and First Half 2018 Highlights:
    TMNA, Toyota and Lexus divisions posted best-ever light truck sales for June and the first half
    Camry recorded June sales of 28,215 units
    Corolla sedan posted sales of 25,947 units for the month
    RAV4 increased by 10.6 percent; best-ever June and best-ever first half
    Highlander increased by 20.7 percent; best-ever June and best-ever first half
    4Runner sales of 11,569 units in June; a best-ever June
    Tacoma increased by 30.6 percent
    Tundra posted June sales of 9,955
    Lexus LUVs posted a 7.4 percent increase, a best-ever June
    NX Hybrid up 270 percent, the sixth consecutive best-ever month
    NX combined sales up 5.8 percent in June, a best-ever June and first half
    RX saw gain of 5.3 percent in June
    GX increased 23.5 percent, a best-ever June in 13 years
    LS up 135.5 percent in the first half

    Andrew Gilleland:

    Good morning, everyone. We’re glad you could join us as we prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday.

    Let’s start with an industry overview. Our outlook for the industry remains a healthy, high 16 million SAAR for the year.

    We are continuing to see SUV and light truck sales outpacing passenger cars Industry pushing 70/30 now... But passenger cars remain an important segment.

    For Toyota Motor North America, our outlook for the year is 2.4M for the U.S.
    We continue to make more light trucks available to our dealers and
    it’s paying off with record sales.
    We’re confident we have the right mix of products to meet customer demand, with more exciting announcements in the pipeline.
    Toyota also has announced additional investments, as part of our $10 billion investment commitment to the U.S., that show we’re all in when it comes to manufacturing, R&D and operational improvements.

    Let’s take a look at the highlights from our June sales.

    For Toyota Motor North America, which includes Toyota and Lexus divisions, sales for the month were 209,602.

    TMNA light trucks posted a best-ever June

    For the Toyota division in June:

    We posted sales of 185,852, up 4.4% YOY on a volume basis
    RAV4 and Highlander recorded a best-ever June
    And we had a record month for light trucks, up 13 percent YOY
    Avalon in its first full month of selling, saw a nearly 20% gain YOY.

    Moving onto sales for the first 6 months of the year, I’m happy to report that the Toyota division:
    With sales of more than 1 million units is outperforming the industry on year-over-year growth basis
    making Toyota the number one retail brand.

    We are on track for another best light trucks record - ever.

    Since June 2017, we’ve successfully shifted our mix by 4 percentage points to better meet customer demand.

    RAV4 is the #1 selling vehicle in our lineup YTD.’

    Camry is up the first half of the year, with 5.8% growth in retail sales,

    and we expect it will be the number one selling passenger car for June (it already is through May). As we get results today, we will follow up on that.

    We’re confident about the segment and believe passenger cars are still an important part of the market.
    To that point, we have two all-new cars that are quickly gaining traction.

    Avalon sales are in full swing. Customers can choose from four available grades, and we’re hearing really positive feedback about the styling and performance.

    For the sportier-set, we have the Corolla Hatchback, which went on sale in late June.
    We’re looking forward to a strong second half of the year.

    Now, I’ll hand it over to David to talk about Lexus sales results for the month-end and first half of 2018.

    David Christ:

    Thanks, Andrew.

    With the holiday approaching, we’re feeling patriotic about the seventh-generation ES. Our nearly 30-year-old ES is proudly made in Georgetown, Kentucky, and is available in Lexus dealerships this fall. While LUVs are insatiably popular, we still see strong support for this segment and will continue to deliver new options for our guests.

    Now on to June sales for Lexus.

    Our total new sales volume for the month totaled 23,750 with LUVs accounting for nearly 70 percent of that volume.

    RX is the top-selling vehicle in the luxury industry, with sales up more than 5 percent in June, up 7 percent on a yearly basis. Our guests love that third row!

    The NX luxury compact crossover family saw a 6 percent jump in sales in June, and up 10 percent on a yearly basis. While the hybrid model, the NXh, marked a best-ever June.

    Moving on to the first half of 2018,

    Lexus sold 135,000 units, which is year-over-year growth.

    We successfully launched the RXL, which has been successful and accounts for about a quarter of the total RX volume.

    Not to be outdone, LS, our full-size luxury flagship, has experienced triple-digit increases this first half and up 22% in volume.

    Our Luxury Utility Vehicle (LUV) volume delivered a best-ever for this time period.

    NX gas and NX Hybrid sales were up 10 percent, marking a all-time best-ever year to date.

    It was the best GX finish to June in 13 years.

    We enter the last half of the year with great inventory position with supply at 71 days, and balanced with 74 days on passenger cars and 70 days for light truck.

    And we’re about to launch the all-new ES, which we expect will be a home run. We feel good about where we are and where we’re going.

    Thanks for your time everyone, and Karen - - - back to you.

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