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  1. alster

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    I just checked the Honda.com website and now you can build the 2019 Insight. Some dealers already have
    a few in stock. I believe green car reports obtained over 55 mpg, calculated miles divided by gal's, for
    a 81 miles trip. This is with the touring model which get less EPA mpg than the LX or EX model. Average for those 2 models is 52 mpg. I believe the avg. for the touring model they drove was 48 MPG per EPA

    Sure would like to see Wayne get behind the wheel of one and see what he obtains for mpg's. I bet over 60 mpg for sure....
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  2. thunderstruck

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    I found with the local Toyota dealer they sometimes list cars they don't actually have. Found that out when considering a Prius Prime at end of last year. If you're going to check one out, it would pay to call first.
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  3. alster

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  4. priusCpilot

    priusCpilot George

    Not bad if it's reliable. Wish they sold a Fit Hybrid.
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  5. Lee Moon

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    I was at the dealership having my CR-Z serviced and asked my salesperson about the new Insight. She said they had 2 on the lot being prepped. We located one (Pearl White) and it is a great looking car. She had been on a Clarity PHEV Ride and Drive event earlier and was telling me quite a bit about that car and how it compared to the Volt (which was the other car they drove for comparison to the Clarity.) Back to the Insight. Didn't have an opportunity to open it and check out the interior, but it sure looked good. This particular car was an EX and they had a Touring somewhere else on the lot.
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  6. alster

    alster Well-Known Member

    Now that the 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid has been out for a little over a week has anybody had a chance to drive one? The only mpg reports I found was for greencarreports.com that when they drove the touring model for about 80 miles or so they got over 55 mpg, miles driven by gal's pumped, which is not bad for a 48 mpg EPA rated vehicle, the LX and EX Insight model obtain a EPA 52 mpg combined

    Has anyone in the forum had a chance to test drive one and report the mpg's they obtained in their test drive? I sure hope that Wayne drives one soon as the 2019 Insight EX is on my shortlist for a replacement for our 2010 Prius.
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  7. alster

    alster Well-Known Member

    I checked fuelly.com and the average mpg for the 2019 Honda Insight has been 50.3 mpg for the 8 vehicles listed. On insightcentral.com one new owner of a 2019 EX Insight reported 60 mpg calculated for 400 miles on a new car. It should be noted that the the owner's mpg dash gauge read 57 mpg and its seems about right as a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid I drove was always under reporting 2-3 mpg or so consistently unlike Toyota and others that over report the mpg's when compared to calculated mpg vs dash computed mpg. Our 2010 Prius always over reports 3-4 mpg consistently for nearly 170,000 miles.
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  8. Carcus

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    I read through the mpg thread in the gen3insight forum, from what I could gather -- :*

    A very good city car -- 55+ mpg not a problem.
    Ok highway car -- mpg falls off steeply at high speeds (i.e 75 mph is probably about 42 mpg)
    Would be interesting to see a steady state graph on this one and compare it to the prius.

    /*there's not lot of detailed info
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  9. alster

    alster Well-Known Member

    Update on the 2019 Honda Insight. According to fuelly.com the 2019 Honda Insight has been averaging a little more than 50 mpg with 14 vehicles entered. This is quite good as most new cars are still not fully broken in for a few thousand miles, at least that has been my findings with several new cars I had purchased and I'm 67 years old now. The price for the Insight seems to be quite good and a lot of bang for your buck with the standard features even in the base model, LX.

    The only road block for us having it on our super short list is the lack of a hatch back. If it had a hatch, which is a real plus for our big Lab Sparky, all my fishing gear and my wife's camera gear as well, it would perhaps be in our driveway now. I would imagine that Honda will eventually get the message to bring the insight out with a hatch and sales will increase as well....
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