New D$W Meet on Saturday 7-14-18 in Greenfield WI.

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    “The New Fuel of the 21st Century is … EfficiencyBradlee Fons

    Happy summer to all D$W members and friends,

    We’ve finally made it into summer and all that comes with it: vacations, school out, travel, grilling, baseball and this year, higher fuel costs…everything old is new. Marie, Justin and I hope you’re enjoying your summer and we would like to hear how you’re doing by holding our 52nd D$W Meet on Saturday July 14th at the Greenfield Public Library from 9:30 to 2 pm.

    This D$W Meet will be a chance to refuel and invigorate our knowledge and skills on how to use the new fuel of this 21st century which is Efficiency. Some of us have new rides that our D$W members would love to hear about. Others may have experiences or questions to share on Driving $mart/maintenance/performance concerns in their current rides. Since we’re all teachers and students, a laid back Meet like this can be refreshing because talking and listening to our individual concerns can be more important than focusing on a dedicated speaker/topic.

    In addition to our Round Robin, camaraderie, conversation, spectacular food and interesting door prizes, we’ll need to do some planning for D$W hosting our first National Electric Drive Event set for Saturday Sept. 8th at our Greenfield Public Library clubhouse. This will be a big regional event and we’ll need some D$W help in making it a success although there may be other volunteers coming on board from outside D$W. After this Meets planning discussion, we’ll reach out for sponsors, so if you’ve been to a previous NEDW event, we can use your input. See the attached link for info:

    As previously mentioned, with fuel prices up over last year, we encourage you to invite family members, relatives, co-workers or total strangers to this D$W Meet, anyone looking to save money, drive safer or wanting to learn about alternative vehicle options.

    We hope you can fit a D$W Meet into your busy summer plans and we’ll see you on the 14th…

    Marie, Justin and Bradlee Fons

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