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Discussion in 'Ford' started by psyshack, Jun 9, 2018.

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    The HCHII CVT finally told me I'm about done. So it was time to buy a new car. And I traded the HCHII in for a base Fusion SE, 2.5L w/Sync3.

    I did not want a turbo and a CVT junk box. So what could I buy????? That kind of left Chevy and Ford and a few others so to speak. Nissan,,, out, Honda out, Yota well maybe,,, whoops Yotas are far to ugly and way over priced. And Yota dealers around here are horrid! The Koreans,,, yeah,,, no. Hold on the 2014 Focus we own has turned out to be a good car. Yeah Ford is going to China the bastards,,, and it will bite them in the ass. But let me see what I can do with a last in class purchase concerning a North American Ford?

    I have been impressed with the Fusion! Yeah,,, it has some quirks. But the honest straight forward design is good! Yeah the front seats are to narrow. But I'm a frog butt. And the seat cloth is cheap as hell. But then that melts away. The rest of the interior while simple has a hint of quality and function. Great mixture of soft and hard surfaces. Hard where they need to be and soft where it does not matter. <<<< Funny how that works. It reminds me of our 05 Accord,,, updated. Really strange. And the Sync3 system has impressed me. It exceeds the marketing hype. Want to live a failure in marketing hype? Buy a Harley Davidson. Those SOB's should be in jail. The OEM stereo is even OK.... Not the higher end Sony system. But the one just under the Sony system. I have a Bass Link Sub that I never put in the HCHII that is far better than the Sony/Ford option.

    The car pushes the mid size sedan category in size and I like it. I step into and seat myself when entering. The new Accord I fall into. But it seems to want to handle good. I was caught off guard in how it handles. Yeah theres some road clunks and bumps. But no real wind noise and hint of feed back. It reminds me of my 07 MZD 3 in a strange way. And has been compared by others has a refined MZD 6. And I think thats a fare comparison. Funny how that worked out.

    MPG,,, well it's so so. And could be worse for just how big the car is,,, and it does feel large. it's rated for 21/32. I've seen two tanks on my daily grind at 38 mpg and half that with a/c on 90% hwy 10% city using CC door sticker tire pressure and me just letting the car do what it wants as it breaks in. I expect the hwy mpg to go into at least the low 40 mpg range when I start pedaling it and set the tire pressures to my spec. Not bad for a want to be boat IMHO.

    I like the car. No CVT, No Turbo. A simple ok,, lets do this sort of ride at a great price. At a tad over $16k otd plus tt&l with HCHII trade in the number,,,,, I'm happy.

    Say hello to Boogie Blue.
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    I have a soft spot for Fusions. I have liked every single one I've driven. Were I into three-box sedans, it would be one of the first places I'd look. I actually almost ended up with a first or 1.5 gen Fusion when I was shopping cash cars; I was surprised how many popped up with stick. Nice buy!
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