Hyundai Preps Alabama Manufacturing for Next Gen Elantra/Sonata Engines

Discussion in 'In the News' started by xcel, May 30, 2018.

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    I think twiggy was usually in a mini.
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    In 2009 one dealer was selling TWO Accents for $14,000. My Accent, bought in 2007, got 45MPG traveling over a 1400 foot pass. Last summer, the Accent got 18 tanks in a row, over 40MPG with three tanks giving 45MPG, 47+MPG, & 48+ MPG. It now has 149,000 miles. Two days ago, our $12,800, 2016 Elantra gave 44MPG, while passing over a 5500 foot mountain pass, a 4600 foot pass & a 3000 foot pass.
    There appears to be a difference between frugality of the past & frugality of the future.
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    My girl friend of many years, threw me over for a guy 14 years younger than herself & a jacked-up, big wheeled pickup with added KC headlights, with savings I had urged her to hold on to.
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    Even women can have a mid-life crisis. Nothing is permanent or forever. Which is probably why I have
    been "un-married "( but not alone) since 1997.
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