Hyundai Preps Alabama Manufacturing for Next Gen Elantra/Sonata Engines

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    I think twiggy was usually in a mini.
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    In 2009 one dealer was selling TWO Accents for $14,000. My Accent, bought in 2007, got 45MPG traveling over a 1400 foot pass. Last summer, the Accent got 18 tanks in a row, over 40MPG with three tanks giving 45MPG, 47+MPG, & 48+ MPG. It now has 149,000 miles. Two days ago, our $12,800, 2016 Elantra gave 44MPG, while passing over a 5500 foot mountain pass, a 4600 foot pass & a 3000 foot pass.
    There appears to be a difference between frugality of the past & frugality of the future.
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    My girl friend of many years, threw me over for a guy 14 years younger than herself & a jacked-up, big wheeled pickup with added KC headlights, with savings I had urged her to hold on to.
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    Even women can have a mid-life crisis. Nothing is permanent or forever. Which is probably why I have
    been "un-married "( but not alone) since 1997.
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    With an additional 6 months, our total mileage on the 3 Hyundai engines now is 305,000 miles. Hadn't calculated before, but 22,000 miles in half a year, averaging 44,000 per year! Oh, my! I'm thinking my driving accounts for 70(+?)% of the total. Was thinking I drove the Elantra & Accent roughly the same amount. But, now I see I drive the Elantra considerably further on the highway than I do the Accent, so far more distance. Since I retired, I know my MPG has gone up (less city driving, more careful country driving). That's a reason I'm driving more. Another reason for more driving, is I go where I want to go. & l love to go to a lot of beautiful Washington state places. Another reason is the cheap used Craigslist tires that I drive, that would be in a tire dump if I hadn't bought them, are a real joy to use. & finally, the used tires have better snow handling than the OE tires. I enjoy the snow (at least a little bit) & don't fear it, as much. Yeah, all these reasons are why I'm really driving more & with great happiness.
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    & now with 13+ months of ccp coronavirus, we very roughly have a total of 325,000 miles on our 3 Hyundais. The ccp coronavirus have reduced our driving by over half. My “optional” pleasure driving is all “local”. The only reason I haven’t gone nuts is our local terrain is exciting & lovely as more distant driving. All engines have remained without any repairs & function wonderfully. As stated elsewhere, we have driven 60 miles one way to get our ccp coronavirus shots, a total of 240miles for our 2 shots each for our 3 family members. Tho we have our shots, we still cut down on our travel & wear masks to reduce exposure(to others & ourselves), as recommended by the current Biden administration.
    The Biden administration now has coordinated Merck & Johnson & Johnson to manufacture the newly approved J&J vaccine. It is now stated that enough vaccine will be made by end of May(not end of July) to vaccinate all Americans. What a great lift to people. Now, if strains of new ccp coronavirus can be controlled as with the first 3 vaccines, maybe the World has a chance to control ccp coronavirus!!!
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    Yeah, maybe there's a possibility of it. And I hope it will come soon.
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    Our Washington state is one of the states with lowest ccp coronavirus cases per capita, despite the first ccp coronavirus deaths occurring here. We finally arranged to attend(while masked) a galley showing, towards the Seattle/Bellevue area, plus meeting masked friends there (during the week day at a lesser attended time). Wow! It was, excellent, innovative & accessible (but mysterious)! Our friends have changed their styles a trance, & it was so good to see them again.
    I’m ready to start traveling my region, again(day trips with lesser amounts of interactions).
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