Cycling to work: major new study suggests health benefits are staggering

Discussion in 'General' started by Carcus, May 19, 2018.

  1. Carcus

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    Want to cut your risk of heart disease, cancer and dying early in half??

    Buy a bicycle.

    "We found that cycling to work was associated with a 41% lower risk of dying overall compared to commuting by car or public transport. Cycle commuters had a 52% lower risk of dying from heart disease and a 40% lower risk of dying from cancer. They also had 46% lower risk of developing heart disease and a 45% lower risk of developing cancer at all."
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  2. RedylC94

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    As proven by the fact that I'm still alive, having commuted to work by bike most days in every job I've had since college?

    Carcus, did you realize you were almost quoting Mark Twain? The concluding two sentences of his humorous essay "Taming the Bicycle" (meaning a treacherous high-wheeler in his experience) are "Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live."
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  3. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I knew him well. But he did prefer to be called "Sam".

    If I didn't need to get to work by 5:15 AM , I would certainly be riding.

    I'm not a big fan of riding in the dark , with or without lights.

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