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    Hi All:

    Lexus has launched a new national marketing campaign to prove that choosing a hybrid doesn’t mean compromise. Coined “Fast as h,” the marketing campaign showcases the full hybrid lineup’s impressive performance and new lower pricing.

    “Cloudy with a Chance of Truth”

    The 30-second spot shows an LC 500h performance coupe maneuvering through an empty gallery space, as it clears clouds of doubt about hybrid performance. The voiceover states,
    2018 Lexus Non-Hybrid/Hybrid Retail Pricing ($USD)

    NX/NXh - $35,985/$38,335
    RX/RXh - $43,270/$45,695

    ES/ESh - $38,950/$41,820
    LC/LCh - $92,000/$96,510
    LS/LSh - $75,000/$79,510

    While alternative fuel vehicles offer numerous benefits, such as helping the environment and fuel cost-savings, Lexus hybrids also provide an exhilarating experience. Lexus hybrids provide compelling initial acceleration; better gas mileage and a longer range; and a smoother, quieter ride. They offer uncompromised styling and performance, plus higher-fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

    The new TV spot is airing during network and cable sports, including: the NHL playoffs and the U.S. Open, in addition to prime time slots, the TV spot will air during late night and cable programming. Additional elements of the “Fast as h” campaign include: digital and social; print ads in consumer and enthusiast titles, such as Food & Wine and Wired; out of home, including: the Times Square digital billboard, point-of-sale and in-cinema.
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