Audi Traffic Light Timing Now in 10 US cities

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    [​IMG] Imagine the possibilities… :)

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – May 9, 2018

    Audi of America announced the expansion of Traffic Light Information to two more cities across the U.S. – Phoenix and areas of Kansas City, Kansas.

    An Audi with light timing onboard in Washington DC​

    In 2016, Audi worked with with Traffic Technology Services (TTS) to launch its Traffic Light Information system in Las Vegas. With the addition of Phoenix and Kansas City, 10 cities and more than 2,250 intersections across the U.S. are now using the service. These cities include Dallas and Houston, Palo Alto and Arcadia, California; Portland, Oregon and Denver, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C.


    Traffic Light Information, an Audi connect PRIME feature available on some 2017 and 2018 models, enables the car to communicate with the infrastructure in certain cities and metropolitan areas across the U.S.

    When a so equipped Audi approaches a connected light, it receives real-time signal information from the traffic management system that monitors traffic lights via the on-board 4G LTE data connection. When the light is red, the TLI feature will display the time remaining until the signal changes to green in the instrument cluster in front of the driver or in the head-up display (if equipped). This “time-to-green” information helps reduce stress by letting the driver know approximately how much time remains before the light changes.


    Future iterations of V2I technology could ,-- and It will!!! - include integration within the vehicle’s start/stop function, Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA), optimized navigation routing, and other predictive services. All of these services are designed to help reduce congestion and enhance mobility on crowded roadways.

    In the near future, no longer will we have to strain to see the blinking cross walk signal, pedestrian clock countdowns, or physical actions of pedestrians to know when the light ahead is going to turn green. Going further, there may even be a two-way interaction to post the speed necessary to catch the green or bring about smart braking in order to not come to a full stop. Better yet, trip the light to green if the perpendicular lanes have cleared. Smart Lights on steroids! There will eventually be an embedded app for that! And I cannot wait.
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    I like this in principle for law abiding areas. In eastern Mass, this won't work. People blatantly disregard traffic signs and signals. There will be more collisions unless you also drive defensively, i.e. make sure there's no red light runner. :(
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    This is about as useful as autonomous cars.
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    Hi Edwin:

    I think this is pretty cool as I would not have to estimate or guess when the light ahead is going to turn.

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    How many times have I wished for this kind of system.

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    I'm just bitter because we won't get it HERE in my lifetime. What do we get instead ?
    We get a promise of a high-speed tunnel between downtown Chicago and O'Hare airport.
    The love-child of an unholy meeting between The Musk and Tiny Dancer.
    Seriously , if this Audi system actually works , and is available in more affordable cars ,
    that could be great.

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