Refuel Without Cash or Credit? Shell and GM Have an Answer for That!

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    [​IMG] Shell and Chevrolet introduce the first in-vehicle fuel purchase solution.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – April 18, 2018


    Shell and Chevrolet are rolling out the automotive industry’s first embedded, in-dash fuel payment and savings solution. The new feature will allow drivers of new Chevrolet vehicles to pay and save directly at the pump by not having to pull out their cash or credit card like we all do but instead through the vehicle touchscreen when refueling at participating Shell-branded stations.

    Drivers will press the Shell icon within Marketplace and select their preferred station location. After a few taps on the in-vehicle touchscreen, a code will be generated that allows the user to activate a desired pump and start fueling. Payment is then automatically charged to the payment method on file, with Fuel Rewards savings applied.

    Embedded in-dash Shell Pay & Save fueling is powered by Marketplace, the automotive industry’s first commerce platform for on-demand reservations and purchases of goods and services. Marketplace allows users to order food, make dinner reservations, find parking or hotels and locate and pay for fuel at participating Shell-branded stations.

    Through Marketplace, Shell already provides customers navigation to their nearest Shell station, including information about station amenities and the ability to sign up for the Fuel Rewards program. With the rollout of in-dash fuel payment to the nation’s largest branded refueling network, Chevy customers will be able to pay and save from the comfort of their vehicle at participating Shell stations.

    In-dash payment and savings at Shell-branded stations is currently piloting in select markets, with nationwide rollout planned throughout the coming months. Marketplace is available in eligible 2017 MY and newer Chevrolet vehicles in the U.S.

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    That's very similar to the Pilot/Flying J app, it stores payment and loyalty card information and allows you to generate a code for the pump up to 30 min in advance.

    I hope they do a better job executing it though, in my case it has been mostly problematic to use. It's a good idea which when executed properly is a really neat feature, no more fumbling with cards, etc.
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    How does the in-dash unit communicate with the pump? WiFi? RFID? From the description, it doesn't sound easier than a credit card and the credit card would be safer than navigating touch screen menus while driving.
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    A few taps of the in-vehicle touchscreen, or one tap of my credit card on the fuel pump, seems about equal.
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    Hi Jay:

    By GMs built-in OnStar Wi-Fi with 4G LTE wireless solution through AT&T. The key is pulling out your CC vs. touching a screen when you are stopped in front of the pump. I cannot wait to try this someday to see if it makes sense.

    Currently I have to select FRN Network on the Shell pumps Interface, slide my FRN card in, wait for the $0.05 off to show, slide in my CC, wait for the pump to reset, and begin the refuel. I can also just type in my phone # and 4-digit Pin to get the discount vs. sliding my FRN card in as well.

    Mike, I hope this is easier?

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