Ioniq Plug in any real world reviews?

Discussion in 'General' started by alster, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. alster

    alster Well-Known Member

    For some reason I can't find a real honest review of the Ioniq plug in. I would like to now the real world range. MPG's just on the gas engine when the battery is discharged, aka hybrid mode. Overall handling etc.

    I am sick and tired of some of the so called professional reviewers who never give you the real mpg's that they achieved during their driving with the car. In that respect their evaluation of the car, is a total fail.

    Also don't rely on the computer readout for mpg's. Do it the right way, fill it up, drive it, then fill it up again, miles driven divided by gallons used, I learned that in public school when I was 8. Then you can compare the computer with the actual gallons used and miles driven.

    Wayne does it the right way, and I wish he would give us the review on the Ioniq Plug In as I am within the next few months replacing our 2010 Prius. We already have a 2016 Volt Premier which is my wife's daily driver, an outstanding car in my book.

    On our shortlist:

    Ioniq hybrid / Chevy Volt / Ioniq Plug In: The plug in would be nice as the tax credit with the base model plug in bring it down to $22,000 or so, maybe even less.

    Now the Volt, has less overall room but, at least our Volt does achieve over 50 mpg just on gas and our last trip fishing down in Tillamook Oregon via Oregon Coast Highway, which is Highway 101, we went 60 miles on electric, and 55 miles on gas and used, calculated at the pump, 1.03 gal's for over 53 mpg. Thats with a loaded car, my wife and I, not light weights by any means, and our 90+ black lab, all our fishing gear and her camera gear as well.

    Also our 240 electric charger for the volt could also be used in the Ioniq Plug in as well.

    Maybe the complete Ioniq Plug in review is out there but I just could not find it...
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  2. Jay

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    Their attitude seems to be that the EPA totally has fuel economy covered, but we know from personal experience and the Ford hybrid debacle that the EPA's figures are corrupted and can't be trusted. There's definitely a demand for a scientifically measured, consistent, trustworthy fuel economy measurement.
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  3. jcp123

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    Not quite what you asked for, but the closest I could think of:

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    Alster, I'm sure you've seen the various "real MPG" threads on the Ioniq Forum (I've started a least one of them with similar questions to yours), though the answers have been pretty unsatisfying. For some reason, just like the car's computer, a lot of owners treat electricity like a free input (both financially and in terms of its carbon footprint) and merely report the Ioniq's MPG reading (total miles/total gallons without also factoring in total kWh). I also have the same questions about the Honda Clarity. I would love to see a more scientific appraisal of it's real-world efficiency....
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