2018 RAM 1500 Bighorn - $11,888 off Retail

Discussion in 'Automotive Hot Deals' started by xcel, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. xcel

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    HI All:

    I have not chased down the full details on this but it is being advertised by RAM itself. The thing I like the most is this specifies the fuel saving 3.6L V6 Pentastar vs. the 5.7L or 6.2L V8s.


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  2. jcp123

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    That Pentastar is a hidden gem. My wife's Town and Country is so powered, and it has plenty of guts, and at least according to the FCD (I've never had the opportunity to run a real, full tank calculation), is well into the 30s when run around the speed limit on a highway jaunt. Might not be the worst choice ever.
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  3. Blackbelt

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    My son recently leased a RAM. He had previously leased a HEMI with the 6 speed automatic. This time he leased the 3.6 with the 8 speed (they both were 4x4). He loves the 3.6, says it has plenty of power and gets him at least 5MPG better mileage in stop and go driving. Highway increase is over 10.
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