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    Hi All:

    Uber and Lyft Driver Rates across western California. Only San Luis Obispo is worth driving and it is to far away and there is no demand there either. The driver rates are terrible compared to just 3 years ago!


    Uber - $0.585/mile and $0.1575/min
    Lyft - $0.585/mile and $0.1575/min w/ $2.17 min

    San Francisco

    Uber - $0.6825/mile and $0.2925/min
    Lyft - $0.6825/mile and $0.2925/min w/ $3.75 min


    Uber - $0.60/mile and $0.2025/min
    Lyft - $0.60/mile and $0.2025/min w/ $3.75 min


    Uber - $0.6825/mile and $0.2925/minute
    Lyft - $0.6825/mile and $0.2925/minute w/ $3.75 min

    San Louis Obispo

    Uber - $1.545/mile and $0.12/minute
    Lyft - $1.545/mile and $0.12/minute w/ $3.00 min

    Santa Barbara

    Uber - $0.9825/mile and $0.165/minute
    Lyft - $0.9825/mile and $0.165/minute w/ $3.37 min


    Uber - $0.795/mile and $0.1125/minute
    Lyft - $0.795/mile and $0.1125/minute w/ $2.25 min

    Los Angeles

    Uber - $0.60/mile and $0.21/min w/ $2.62 min
    Lyft - $0.795/mile and $0.1275/minute w/ $2.62 min

    OC - Uber/Lyft

    Uber - $0.60/mile and $0.21/min
    Lyft - $0.795/mile and $0.1275/min w/ $2.40 min

    South OC

    Uber - $0.87/mile and $0.1125/min w/ $2.73 min
    Lyft - $0.87/mile and $0.1125/min w/ $2.73 min

    San Diego

    Uber - $0.6525/mile and $0.225/minute w/ $3.00 min
    Lyft - $0.6525/mile and $0.225/minute w/ $3.00 min
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    Hi All:

    Week 4 of the San Diego capacity factor study yields the following.

    Lyft - 196.2 miles
    Uber - 446.6 miles
    Private - 149.0 miles

    134 of the 1,411 miles placed on my car last week were completed on Monday when Uber and Lyft drivers were on strike so I completed all rides on that day for free. 5 riders did incur a cancellation fee which was slightly to far less than their normal Uber and Lyft charges.

    1,411 miles at 27 mph avg speed equates to 52.5 hours. 1,277.0 miles vs 791.8 paid miles yields a cap factor of 62.0 percent.

    The cumulative includes

    Week 1: 2,043.7 miles traveled vs 1,240.0 paid miles - 24 mph avg speed - 80.5 hours
    Week 2: 2,094.1 miles traveled vs 1,197.4 paid miles - 26 mph avg speed - 77.5 hours
    Week 3: 1,419.0 miles traveled vs 908.2 paid miles - 27 mph avg speed - 52.5 hours
    Week 4: 1,277.0 miles traveled vs 791.8 paid miles - 27 mph avg speed - 52.5 hours

    Cumulative of 6,833.8 miles traveled vs 4,137.4 paid miles equates to a cap factor of 60.5 percent at a non-weighted avg. speed of 26 mph.

    My far north Chicago - IL/WI border cap factor was just 50.5 percent with an average speed of just 22 mph by comparison.

    As you can tell by how fast my miles driven has fallen over the past three weeks alone, I am quickly tiring of working for what I call poverty rates here in San Diego and refuse to drive into North OC or LA at $0.60/mile and $0.21/min unless a friend needs a ride to LAX.

    My Military Base access DBIDS request has been approved. I just have to get over to the Naval Base San Diego Pass and ID in downtown to have my fingerprints and photo taken for the card. I am still working out the TCP License...

  3. jcp123

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    Wayne, here's a question for you:

    It seems a lot of hotels and companies are using Über or Lyft in lieu of shuttles. Which makes me wonder, if you're unprepared for it, aren't using your own app, and don't have cash for tip, how douchebaggy does it feel for the drivers? Do you know that it's some corporate account, and are you less likely to take the fare?
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  4. xcel

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    Hi JCP123:
    We receive these "other" account owner pings/requests all the time and as a driver, can only hope for a cash tip from the actual passenger. No way in hell will the account holders tip us in the app.

    I have been receiving pings from car dealerships, Medical offices, and even Hospitals with third party titles requesting us to take passengers to their homes.

    The good thing is we are usually not a target for a poor rating from someone trying to get a free ride since they are receiving essentially a free ride on the account holders dime.

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  5. xcel

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    Hi Stephanie, here is a little case study...

    I hope you do not drive in LA but you may. An LA driver at the LAX queue receives a - "Used to be great unicorn" - 45+ min ping in midsummer to Indio, CA midweek. That is a 145-mile drive and will take 15-minutes to pick up and load plus about 3 hours and 15 minutes to drive through day time traffic out of LA.

    If this driver is in a $18k or more compact with fuel efficiency of 35 mpg, his total cost of ownership is somewhere between $0.35 and $0.40/mile.

    That 145-mile trip is going to provide a deadhead most of if not not all the way home because there is nobody in Indio during mid-summer heading to LA in the 15-minute window you are there dropping off the passenger.

    The round trip consists of 290 miles at $0.375/mile for an actual expense of $108.75.

    From the 3-hour and 15-minute drive you earn ($0.60/mile * 145 miles = $87) + ($0.21/min * 195 minutes = $40.95) for a gross income of $127.95

    Gross ($127 95) minus expenses ($108.75) yields a net income of $19.20. That $19.20 net is for driving 7 hours there and back for $2.74/hour in a used compact car! Are you going to receive a tip?

    If you are driving a used $25k midsize at just 30 mpg, your total cost of ownership (TCO) is more along the lines of $0.45 to $0.50/mile or 290 miles at $0.475/mile for a $137.75 expense. For this unicorn ping, you actually paid $9.80 to Uber or Lyft out of your vehicle expense to drive that passenger out to Indio, CA and you back.

    Are you going to risk your vehicle and time for -$1.40/hour to $2.75/hour and hope you get even a small number of the miles back paid, a nice $35 tip to move you from -$1.40/hour to $2.75/hour to $3.60 to $7.75/hour, or just cancel?

    This is but one scenerio that you do not want to accept every ride.

    Uber and Lyft have made us all fleet managers and I can assure you, there is not a single Fortune 500 company that would hire one of us for that position given our poor fleet management skills.


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  6. jcp123

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    Interesting, thanks. I should have thought about the driver rating, considering I admonished my wife for declining to rate the drivers...
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