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Discussion in 'General' started by xcel, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. xcel

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    Hi All:

    The hours are getting ugly as the Summer income in Chicago is heading south. :(

  2. seftonm

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    What is causing your income to decrease? Is it a seasonal thing?
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  3. xcel

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    Hi Mike:

    Although I do not have any data, I believe it is an inrush of school teachers onto the platforms. I can open the rider app and see 6 cars on just about every major intersection in cities across the Chicagoland area. I have never seen so many groupings of rideshare drivers. I am also seeing the O'Hare Airport Que at numbers I have never seen before as well. Sometimes upwards of 180 drivers are in que for a pickup on both platforms resulting in over a 2-hour wait time in some instances. That amount of time for a $15 to $40 fare makes absolutely no sense. In the winter/Spring, there was usually half that amount. The third being good weather and more people walking the short distances. I am seeing as little as one ride per hour for hours on end now whereas 2 to 3 rides was the norm for the vast majority of my hours behind the wheel.

    Another problem is Uber's relentless push to increase profitability by reducing driver pay. In a nutshell, Uber is diverting more funds into their coffers. I am on the 75 percent of earnings to me scale but when I look at the waybills, Uber is actually collecting upwards of 35 percent after bonuses by playing the Verizon game of Service fee/pickup fee, and adjustment fees. Bonuses have dropped yet again with the only one available over the past three weeks is $90 for 55 to 60 rides Monday through Thursday and again Thursday through Sunday. Gone are the shorter 30 to 45-rode bonuses and morning and afternoon Rush Hour bonuses except in downtown Chicago. In those areas, it is not so much a bonus as but a stipend to cover the horrific traffic which does not allow you to move and reduces income further. If Uber only got that a increase for drivers is also an increase to them but they are trying to compete with entities I do not know. Cabs are still 2 to 4Xs Uber rates yet Uber continues to squeeze. I suspect after the fall school semester starts and they lose the teacher drivers, they are going to end up short in Chicago as the driver over representation and earnings squeeze is making me contemplate walking away with earnings well ahead of expectations through June 1st.

    All in, Uber is squeezing driver earnings while trying to keep a nice PR face on for the public as a guess.

    I have spoken with East Coast drivers - Boston, Providence, Cape Cod, and they are not experiencing any falloff in earnings so it appears to be a Chicago issue? I have spoken with one other Chicago area driver who is getting killed with an earnings fall off as well.

    Tires at 36k are only down 2/32 to 3/32 from new. It is surprising given the abuse of the tires and brakes are having to endure when downtown running speed bump to speed bump, stop sign to sop sign, light to light, and very poor road conditions everywhere. I am taking about 18 and 19 mph avg, speeds including 100-miles of Interstate to and from everyday and sometimes an hour to cover 3 miles. Efficiency of the 18 Elantra ECO is actually climbing with the earnings fall off as I am moving for further distances driving between hot spots instead of into small enclaves of the inner city again and again. I am up over 42 mpg average with 60+ mpg always showing up on the Interstate before hitting the City of Chicago and watching the average fall into the garbage.

    Having just finished washing the car, having to clean wheels because of brake dust is so out of the ordinary. I mean who here has ever had to worry about brake dust???

    I am also finding my light timing and glide skills are degrading as there are simply to many distractions with pedestrians, road signs, road debris and poor road conditions to deal with.

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  4. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Brake dust ? I know what dust is , but brakes ? Not so much. :)

    If I had to drive downtown , my number one priority would be avoiding an accident.

    I'm so lucky to have a nice suburban commute that I'm VERY familiar with by now.

    It's nice to hear about how the Elantra ECO is working out for you.
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    Great write up. I may have missed it, did you install inside cameras and have you had any altercations or no pay/cancellations while driving.
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