The U.S. Republic Could Be Headed for a Downfall in Short Order

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    Harsh by right but absolutely truthful message to Trump and the US people from a Vet over a year ago from the first false flag attack.
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    The truth about "Russian Collusion" ...

    .. calls for reflection.
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    Also, .. calls for an apology.

    Wayne, .. I think you owe one.
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    We can increase democracy by ridding the president & Congress of its most undemocratic & organized money-backed internal workings. First, eliminate the Electoral College. Second, eliminate gerrymandering. Third, eliminate chairmanships of committees. Fourth, as in the House, the number of Senators in each state must be according to each state's population. Supposedly, the Senate was to eliminate tyranny of the majority over a small minority. However, the Senate is now an undemocratic minority block of racist, sexist, xenophobic, authoritarian supporters of the racist, sexist, xenophobic, authoritarian president "don'T rump". This inhumane minority still fights the Civil War, trying to stall the historical efforts of America to install mercy & eliminate undemocratic processes. Of course, I've only mentioned in passing, the war of undemocracy, inflating in state legislatures.
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