The U.S. Republic Could Be Headed for a Downfall in Short Order

Discussion in 'In the News' started by xcel, Jan 30, 2018.

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    I don't know, .. what do you think?

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    lmao! The trustworthy One America News Network! Because, of course, antifa members love the Clintons and vice versa.
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    There's lots of independent material out there , ... for your amusement:

  4. Trollbait

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    That doesn't answer the question about the Koch brothers and other big donors on the right.
  5. Carcus

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    If you are looking to me to defend 'the right', or to validate the idea that two wrongs make a right, then you're looking the wrong direction.

    “The cure for the evils of democracy is more democracy.”

    Alfred E. Smith
  6. jcp123

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    The Koch brothers mystify me. Their talk sounds very sincerely libertarian, but their dollars say distinctly otherwise.
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    Some (rich) people are more equal than others.
  8. Trollbait

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    By not calling them out for the same wrongs as you call out in the left, you are defending them.
  9. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    "What , me worry ?" Alfred E. Neuman
  10. priusCpilot

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    On March 17th post #60 I posted some critical information that was leaked by a what seems to be a whistle blower guys.

    Go back and check my post to verify. Last edit was March 17th.

    Here is what I wrote in that post.

    "One more important thing that is troubling I heard recently. That Jihads proxis backed by the US Gov and others, who have an interest in building the Qatari and Kurdish pipelines threw Syria are going to stage a false flag chlorine attack. They were trained in the illegal US Gov base in Syria and are said to have 20 tons of chlorine along with explosives disguised as cigarette boxes. The aim is to use this as a pretext to attack Syria and install the puppet government they need to build the pipelines. It would be crazy if this happens."

    Anyhow now the BS staged event that I posted about took place and appears to be staged acting from the videos released so far.

    Also not sure if you heard that both Skirpals have made miraculous recoverys Lol. Mrs Skirpal has been trying to visit but she complained to media about being given the run around. She stated when she talked to her Daughter, she sounded like she was talking like someone was telling her what to say.

    Anyhow what a joke. I sure wish oil and natural gas didn't exist in the world or were obsolete by now. These BS for profit energy wars have destroyed millions of lives.
  11. priusCpilot

    priusCpilot George

    God Bless Tucker Carson! He is a a REAL hero. The only man on fake main stream media to talk the truth. The truth that I know and knew when I was involved with the USAF.

    BTW Israel launch missile illegally as usual but only 3 out of 8 hit a air base in Syria. Syrian air defense and counter measures stopped 5 of them. It was done in such a way to make it appear that it was from the US Gov. Those idiots think that Russia can't see everything just like we can with our tech. They are trying to bring us to war their and we are REAL REAL close to a much large war. One that will have Russia directly involved along with and China supporting Russia. The Chinese ambassador made it clear that any false war in Syria would have China directly involved as well.

    This show was aired last night Apr 9 2018 on Fox. You should all watch.

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  12. priusCpilot

    priusCpilot George

    Where you all gone too??

    Mark today Apr 13 on your calendar! The day, I believe, the start of a MUCH bigger war!

    Sec Defense James Mattis will soon make his exit for butting heads with Trump and the gang in regards to this illegal false flag attack in Syria which he was against and discouraged Trump to do.
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  13. NeilBlanchard

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    Tucker Carlson is the opposite of a truth-teller. He is a bigoted, lying liar who lies. He is a propagandist, at best. A third rate one, at that ...

    Trump is a corrupt, bigoted, lying liar who lies. Trump is a money launderer, and he is a dictator wannabe. Putin is only one person pulling Trump's strings.
  14. Carcus

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    Everybody lies about Syria and the natural gas pipeline that needs to go through it (or needs to be blocked, depending on your perspective). Just like everybody lied (and still lies) about the Baghdad railway.

    Imperialism is soooo out of fashion... we just can't bring ourselves to mention it. It's not like you can drape a piece of pipeline over a soldier's casket to make a widow feel better.
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  15. Carcus

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    Not going to vouch for all the narrative in this 2 1/2 year old video, but the pipeline map (along with 'some' of the narrative) gives you the idea:

  16. Carcus

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    How natural gas could be a geopolitical game-changer in the Mideast

  17. NeilBlanchard

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    Yet another important reason to move to 100% renewable energy, as quickly as possible. We could extract ourselves from wars, and we would defund (most) terrorists, and defund Putin, and other dictators.
  18. Carcus

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    You have to wonder if Saudi's new attitude towards Israel is the start of the mother of all unholy alliances. They could help fund a shared pipeline through jordan to israel and then on underwater into europe. Although not mentioned in the following article or the previous youtube video, it would certainly make sense .... especially as Saudi appears to be eyeing the end of the oil age, ... but natural gas has got legs:

    If Trump were to broker a Saudi-Israel-Europe pipeline agreement, (while guaranteeing a certain amount of U.S. shale LNG purchased) that would certainly be an 'artful deal'. (-- no proxy wars required)
    ---edit **** but, of course, that could never happen. Cuz Trump is a dirty Russian spy, Putin's lapdog, who likes to get peed on by Russian whores.

    A Saudi-to-Haifa, Israel oil pipeline can save the world
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  19. Carcus

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    I won't link the video, but for more perspective on the Russia-Euro gas situation, youtube :
    Politics, power and pipelines - Europe and natural gas | DW Documentary
  20. priusCpilot

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