The U.S. Republic Could Be Headed for a Downfall in Short Order

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    been gone for a while
    come back and it is full on war.
    Nerve "agents" really a weird way to murder an enemy-
    if the Rooskies wanted to make it clear that they were behind some political state sponsored murder
    why not just leave a NOTE in Rooskie "traitor killed" etc??

    Nerve "gases" really aren't "good" WMDs
    no mass murderers have managed to injure kill "many people" with nerve agents
    WW1 poison gas was plain jane Chlorine-
    a bit heavier than air(MW about 70 or so air averages about 29 MW -in the mid 1960's MW was the proper term MM was later)
    and chlorine is PLENTY TOXIC(Assad is using Chlorine I think)
    Where in hell do you find an assassin stupid enough to carry an aerosol container of a NERVE AGENT
    or a "poison gas wet wipe"?

    An AR15 with 1000 rds 50 mags was plenty enough to kill 58 people and injure 500-the low life(son of a bank robber Las Vegas sociopath)
    why in the world we allow blood relatives of VIOLENT CRIMINALS to buy guns???
    Yeah I favor restricting access to guns-daddy mom uncle VIOLENT CRIMINAL- you lose the right to "bear arms"
    being a relative of a violent POS is a very good marker that you are also a POS sociopath

    Anyway-the Trump stuff-
    Apparently-according to a MSNBC talking head lawyer-it ISN'T ILLEGAL to collude -get info from foreigners-
    assuming you aren't plotting to break a law-
    it wouldn't have been illegal for a Trumpians to trumpet- emails from hillary and company that revealed she screwed Bernie-
    It is only Illegal collusion if it can be PROVED that this collusion actually swung the election-
    CHEATED THE USA citizens out of a fair election
    Now the fact that these emails were "true" probably means there wasn't any "cheated out of fair election"

    Besides that WEASEL "GOLLY SHUCKS " Comey is the one who lost Hillary the election
    When he 11 days before the election-ANNOUNCED that the hillary investigation "was back on"
    because of the ANTHONY WEINER computers
    That swung the election
    Tarring Hillary with a pedophiles COMPUTER traffic-swung the election
    All people heard was PEDOPHILE HILLARY 11 days before the election
    The Russian "stuff" was nothing
    The PEDOPHILE STUFF-associating WEINER AND HILLARY- 11 days before the election-
    when hillary had a HUGE lead-
    killed her
    Comey-weasel-didn't do this to favor Trump
    he did it because he figured she would easily win anyway
    BUT by announcing the re-opening of the investigation- he was currying favor with the REP who controlled both houses of congress
    he wanted to have his cake and eat it to
    PRETENDING to be even handed-
    now he is a weasel politician-not a tough guy cop-just a weasel lawyer-
    he wanted to keep his job-figured that would curry enough support to keep him as head of FBI
    Stupid SOB swung the election
    Ruskie crap "mostly hillary pissing on bernie and sucking up to GOLDMANN SACHS BIG MONEY" had some effect
    but nothing like being associated with a PEDOPHILE 11 DAYS before the election

    Well nerve agent-odd way to kill someone-
    any competent chemist or anyone with proper equipment who can follow instructions-could make that agent
    but only a really dim witted assassin would carry that stuff around in a spray bottle- or a "wet handkerchief"
    a 15" long metal rod -steel or get really tricky-make it of tungsten or better yet "depleted uranium" would be much safer and just as lethal
    teak or oak would work fine too-but since it is a GOV agent-use something cool like Tungsten of uranium
    hell use a gold filled steel pipe much cheaper than making a nerve agent!!
    or if you are frugal use a 10/22 target barrel- (.92" or so diameter) cut it to 10"

    nerve agent-really strange-makes me think someone MIGHT be setting up the Rooskies
    Their former Commie allies-sneaky bastards-
    weren't the Bulgarians behind the weird caster bean poison micro-pellet shot from an umbrella AIR RIFLE -deal in Limey Land some years back???
    Why in the world do folks feel the need to get sooooo cute when murdering people in England?

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    Hi Charlie fun read hehe but I have to saw that it is NOT true that chlorine was used by the Syrian Gov. The UN investigation showed that Jihads used the Chlorine as a false flag. The Syrian Gov was winning against the US Gov/Isreali,Saudi,Qatar,UK gov/Turkey jihadi proxies. So they orchestrated the gas attack as we have seen them do before for support in a direct conflict to aid jihadis and install a new puppet government.

    Oh an another funny thing that just crossed my mind worth mentioning is that Novichok is one of the most potent nerve agents. We are talking military grade nerve agents here! Yet Skripal and his daughter are in the hospital!! Not dead???? I had though they were dead until I saw reports they are alive. NO WAY you can live after coming in contact with it. This is why my eyebrow has raised so high it has reached my widows peak! Kim Jung-Nam died very quickly with just a rag rubbed in his face of British developed VX.

    Anyhow it was an interesting week! We had Rexexit so he's fired along with McCabe so no pension for him! Oh and a new lady running the CIA plus a neocon warmonger as Secretary Of State! Anyone left that started out with Trump lol??? Sessions should be out soon along with Gen Mc McMaster. Oh oh and there's more! Trump Jr's wife filed for divorce! Wounder if the 1st lady will stick around while he's President or after he's done?? Also, don't forget Bridge Gate Florida!
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    priuscPilot (George)
    Who actually used the Chlorine-hmmm-remember during the President Obama admin.
    the line in the sand was chlorine gas( WMD crapola)
    President Obama-smartly NOT wanting to act as the Al Quaida/ISIS air force-let that one pass-now to some extend we are acting as the SUNNI AIRFORCE- against Assad-and we are allowing the Freakin Turk(sunnis) to slaughter our former allies-KURDS-who did MOST of the dying killing against ISIS-with our air power-which certainly was decisive-try wandering around one of those ZERO COVER ROADS in a pickup with 100's drones loitering above-and not like we are really really particular about who we HELLFIRE-that is pure BS for our domestic consumption

    Poison gas-like something that BLOWS WITH THE WIND could match a NUKE(or maybe a BIO agent-but we USA have a HUGE advantage in BIO weapons-since we most certainly are LYING about not not having "developing" BIO weapons-research is developing-
    and USA could most quickly respond to an attack-protect population and NUKE potential attackers
    I would love to see exactly what the FRIENDLY FIRE poison gas/liquids(mustard etc) WW1 numbers were-
    they caused mass casualties-but the wind changes directions-and once one side uses them-the other does-so ZERO advantage-

    Oh-hey you are RIGHT- the media was a bit deceptive on what happened to those Two Rooskies
    I read carefully-and at first glance-I assumed they were DOA-
    What the heck kind of an assassin uses something sooo dangerous-to HIM-
    AND manages to NOT kill his targets??
    Hard to see any reasons the Rooskies would "half kill" their targets??? WTF??
    Yes I agree it does have a strange false flag

    So I disagree on who used the Chlorine in syria-not surprised if both sides did-

    Heh-the syrian GOV was LOSING until Russia intervened-so it wasn't JUST assad's forces-
    and much of his force isn't syrians- Rooskies AF and some not too competent private contractors(if that attack story is true)
    and Hezbollah(shia) and shia from Persia and Iraq

    But I actually favor Assad(an Alawite-shia sect) with Shia allies and christian syrian allies and Rooskies
    over the other side-which is all SUNNI
    Sunni Muslims have ALWAYS been our main Muslim enemies(our problems with shia Iran are all our fault)
    1) "Halls of Monteczuma Shores of Tripoli" Tripoli was state sponsored Sunni Privateers(same thing USA did-privateers in the pocket-pirates by any other name)
    2) the usual story on the 45 cap-has an urban legend feel to it-
    is we developed the 45acp when the 38 revolvers proved not effective in stopping Muslim MOROS/HUCKS in the Phillipines after they "revolted'when we took over the PI after spanish american war
    3) somalia-pure screw up going there-but sunni
    4) SAUDI sunni- 16 of the 9/11 guys were SAUDIS- SUNNI

    We have had problems with Shia-but
    1) Iran problems-all our fault
    2)marine barracks bomb-1983 or so lebanon-once again we had no freakin business poking our nose in their business-and taking sides in that war(which is why we quickly left-no strategic interest there-0

    Our real ME enemies-are Sunni-Iran was our ally(not just under Shah) probably will be again-they have been "sorta allies" of Israel too-the Iran contra affair involves Israel supplying Iran with our weapons during the Iran Iraq war(which was saddan's fault-I actually feel sorry for poor Saddam-another of our allies we stabbed in the back after not being CLEAR to him on Kuwait-we have a female DIPLOMATE tell him-in soft terms-to NOT invade Kuwait-message wasn't clear-he was our ally before that)

    anyway I slightly favor Assad and the Rooskies in syria
    if the other side wins they will slaughter the christian syrians-few left) and attempt to slaughter the alawites and shia-rooskies have that right(but mostly they want a port-fair enough we have friendly ports bases EVERYWHERE)

    The collusion thing-not illegal to collude-have to prove it changed election-when Comey actually changed election
    That is why Muller is trying to get OBSTRUCTION of justice angle-
    but saying hey lay off Flynn " he is a good guy" isn't really strong stuff for obstruction)
    but collusion angle is sooooo weak he has to go obstruction

    President Clinton was not "gotten" on any sneaky political or financial stuff
    Ken Starr(dems doing EXACTLY what Reps did-) nailed him because he lied during his Paula Jones deposition
    he was asked did he have sex with Monica-he said NO
    and they had THE DRESS-
    so it was understandable LYING that got Bill(hey who in hell would answer YES to that one??)
    Unfortunately for Trump and the DEMS
    a REAL HARDCORE republican PENCE is who the Republicans actually want to run in 2020
    Damn dumb DEMS don't seem to get that-
    Pence is MUCH worse than Trump-he will END Obamacare(I favor universal healthcare-and screwing the insurance companies-single payer just like Eurotrash-so the Drug makers can't PRICE FIX-euros pay 1/3 what we pay-same drugs)

    Dems won't be happy if they have to face Pence-who is who the real republicans(meaning republican elite not poorish lower middle class whites who sure as hell DO want Obamacare-he is in the pocket of Goldmann Sachs just like Hillary with her INVESTMENT BANKER SON IN LAW)-
    President Trump claimed who would step on BIG FINANCE-who actually runs controls BOTH parties-and creams money from EVERY transaction countrywide and world wide-and they brought us 2008 so they could afford a 4th estate/chalet in where-ever Marthas Vineyard Aspen
    On the bright side Martha's Vine-yard does have one or two endemic illnesses(a weird illness a it like Malaria-attacks RBCs-maybe bartenella?-and Lyme disease also)
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    You are only fooling yourself.
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    Hillary Clinton fractures wrist after slipping in India resort bathtub, report says

    "Hillary Clinton's visit to India suffered another setback this week as the former secretary of state fractured her wrist after slipping in the bathtub at the five-star resort where she was staying, according to a report by DNA India.

    The website reported that Clinton was taken to a hospital in the city of Jodphur at around 5 a.m. local time Wednesday. Clinton underwent an X-ray and a CT scan that confirmed a hairline fracture of her right wrist.

    The Times of India reported that Clinton had been given a plaster bandage and advised to go for another checkup in three days. The injury does not impact Clinton's ability to travel.

    The Times of India and DNA India both reported that Clinton had been treated for pain in her right hand since she arrived in Jodphur Tuesday afternoon. The pain forced her to cancel a planned visit to the 15th-century Mehrangarh Fort Tuesday evening.

    Earlier in the week, video showed Clinton slipping on stairs twice as she visited the Jahaz Mahal in the ancient city of Mandu. Clinton appeared to use her right had to catch herself on the stairs, but it was not immediately clear whether this fall was the source of her injury."

    /she's a hard worker, .. been bustin' ass this trip (at least 3x so far)
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    I thought Clinton lost.
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    She's heading up the resistance.
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  11. booferama

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    no, lol at the idea that she's the "leader" of the "resistance."
  12. Carcus

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    ikr, ... you can't make this stuff up, .lol

    Hillary Clinton vows to 'do everything I can' for anti-Trump 'resistance'

    "Like similar groups that grew out of Sanders’ and Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, Onward Together is organized as 501(c)4 non-profit organization. Unlike political action committees, these types of groups do not need to disclose their donors and can accept unlimited contributions, leading campaign finance reform advocates to label them “dark money” organizations"
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    Hillary is old
    old people fall and break bones-not really news?
    And she really can't take a leadership role-
    who the hell would follow her
    she managed to lose a HUGE lead to an EXTREMELY flawed opponent-
    a really weak opponent
    she lost because Bill tefloned Donald-and she ignored middle USA whites -who were tired of being tricked by "real republicans" and ignored demonized by DEMs
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  14. priusCpilot

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  15. phoebeisis

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    The poisoned Rooskie double agent and daughter
    maybe the Rooskies DID poison them
    News says "critical condition" but doubt we are actually being told real condition
    It is STRANGE-but understandable that the Rooskies would want to KILL a traitor who sold out dozens of his own-
    yes I could see them trying to punish him in some gaudy JAMES BOND way
    Remember the Rooskies probably DID use Polonium????? to slowly miserably kill some politician
    Now that is an exotic agent-no home chemist can cook THAT up-
    so maybe the Rooskies did try to off him-
    Fault of the Limeys for NOT PROTECTING HIM- what did they expect???
    So maybe the Rooskies did-but strange choice of agent
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    Saying you will work against the guy you lost too, and likely have opposite stances on to policy, does not make you the leader of anything. The only group on the left likely to still listen to the Clintons is the neo-libral camp of the Dems, a.k.a. the Republican-lites. It was their stances on issues and taking the labor vote for granted that lost the election.

    To add, the right also listen to them because they can't let it go.
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  17. Carcus

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    No. But holding the purse strings does. So the people that 'will' listen, .. and 'do' things for Hillary are the ones that want her 501(c)4 money.
  18. priusCpilot

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    A week ago I mentioned McMaster would be canned from what I had heard and now the neocon zionist Bolton is in! Bolton is pro draft but I'm too old. Let's see where they start WW3?
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  19. phoebeisis

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    I really really hate Bolton
    Freakin NEOCON
    Sure wich President Trump would actually investigate the people he hires
    Bolton-and NEOCON-was one of those arrogant fools who pushed/lied us into the second Iraq war-
    15 years old and counting-at least 4000 USA deaths- at least 200,000 claiming disability of some sort related to that war-
    and perhaps 100,000 dead Iraqis(whose relatives will remember)
    AND worst thing it DID precipitate ARAB SPRING
    deposing arab leaders-BUT NOT INSTALLING leaders and attitudes more favorable
    Those neocons-mostly arrogant Rep "coastal type know it alls best grades in class at some Ivy League type school so they are sure they can predict the future"-
    well these arrogant fools ACTUALLY THOUGHT that the Muslim Man In The street was being TRICKED by evil leaders into hating Israel and USA
    Hard to belive these NEOCONS--actually thought Muslims didn't really dislike Israel ?
    They in effect screwed Israel by making the ME soooo unstable-
    How damn dumb can you be??
    And they never admit they were WRONG
    They actually want to double or triple down
    and attack Iran( a former and probably future ally)
    attack Russia
    perhaps attack N Korea??
    Bolton-with that shitty shaggy fake tough guy mustache
    was once described as a KICK DOWN KISS UP type of leader
    safe bet President Trump will fire his ass after Bolton mistakenly disses Russia
    Frankly I somewhat favor Russia
    Much of our Russia problems-were OUR FAULT
    we ROUTINELY violated Russia's borders U-2 SR71-
    safe bet we are STILL overflying Russia with unmanned drones at VERY high -but much less than satellite(200 miles) high

    And Russia's super weapons-laughable-what is the point of the 2000 mile range NUKE torpedo-even at 100 mph-which would take STUNNING amounts of fuel-more than a Saturn 5 amount -and take a DAY to get where it was aimed
    and a hypersonic-mach 7-10 6000 mph cruise missile-duh ICBMS are already much faster-and very hard to hit
    Once again a low altitude Cruise missile-would require STUNNING amounts of fuel-meaning it would be HUGE and NOISY
    it would have to fly HIGH to use less fuel-meaning easier to detect
    and actually USING a nuclear reactor to power it-duh-takes LOTS of shielding- you would have to install it "last minute" and HOPE it works and doesn't crash when taking off(which ALL flying weapons occasionally do)

    anyway Bolton-President Trump's WORST appointment-Trump should KNOW he is anti-Russia-a freakin typical NEOCON-willing to send other folks KIDS to die-
  20. Trollbait

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    So Clinton is the new Soros now? Do you also believe that the Koch brothers, NRA, etc. are the true leaders of the right?

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