The U.S. Republic Could Be Headed for a Downfall in Short Order

Discussion in 'In the News' started by xcel, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Carcus

    Carcus Well-Known Member

    Speaking of downfalls ...

    What happened?
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  2. priusCpilot

    priusCpilot George

    I wonder if this is related to her syphilis symptoms?
  3. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    He is this, although after listening to him get high on the Joe Rogan Experience, I see him in a new light. He should have been a preacher man. I can't buy what he's selling, but he is charismatic and makes me want to believe. Along with Coast to Coast AM, he's a bit of a guilty listening pleasure of mine.
  4. Trollbait

    Trollbait Well-Known Member

    I guess anybody with access to a Russian developed nerve toxin could have done this.

    Discussing one topic doesn't make another unimportant.
  5. priusCpilot

    priusCpilot George

    That type of nerve toxin could be developed by many if they have or wished. I bet if the top drug cartels wanted develop there own same never toxin they absolutely could! The makeup is no secret.

    Who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand which started WW1? The weapon used was Belgian so it must mean they were involved?

    ANYONE is a suspect until there absolute proof with evidence presented in a court of law.
  6. Trollbait

    Trollbait Well-Known Member

    Actually, only the Russians know the exact make up of these nerve agents.
    The other chemical weapons have more data available for them. Which makes some party without Russian connections making something from the novichok group unlikely.
  7. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    Except it was a Russian Double Spy that was attacked in Britain. The probability that British Drug dealers attempted to murder the father and daughter with a Nerve Agent are nonexistent.

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  8. booferama

    booferama He who posts articles

    That POS harassed the parents of children murdered at Sandy Hook, and his followers did, too. F*** his charisma.
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  9. priusCpilot

    priusCpilot George

    Anyone with the right resources can make nerve agnest. It is rumored VX was used to assassinate Kim Jong-nam. VX is a British proprietary blend made nerve agent and among the worst of its kind. Now with the logic that nobody else could have made it then that means the Brits assassinate Kim Jong-nam. We just need to create a website showing that lol.

    I'll give the story a few days before it's forgotten much like all stories of the day. Who among you all talk about the mass killing of 10 thousand plus Kurds that were killed with VX during an independence uprising? How did Iraq have a British made nere agent VX anyhow? Who gave it to them? Donald Rumsfeld sure knows and so do the Iranians. VX was also used against them as well.

    Recently Sarin was used in Syria by US Gov/Saudi/Turk/UK Gov/Qatari/Isreali backed proxys. It was setup as a false flag to blame the Syrian government which was actually provin in UN. Now the jihadis are about to try again but this time it was exposed before the next false flag attempt. Let see if we will hear about that again conveniently in corrupt corp US based media.

    This is why I don't believe much of any BS put out in the media.
  10. NeilBlanchard

    NeilBlanchard Well-Known Member

    No - only Russia knows how to make Novichok.
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  11. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    Wow. Ok.

    I don't know enough to comment on that.
  12. Trollbait

    Trollbait Well-Known Member

    What we know about it comes from a Russian defector chemist, and he could only speculate on its structure(s).

    The V series of agents have their structures out in the public.
  13. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Trollbait:

    The Russians did it and if you do not believe they did with their own creation, you are not connecting the dots. What do you think they are doing in the Ukraine and Crimea? A holding action?

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  14. booferama

    booferama He who posts articles

    Yep. Alex Jones is a slimy, shameless bastard. If there's a hell, he'll burn.
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  15. Trollbait

    Trollbait Well-Known Member

    I support this conclusion. Just adding to the 'only the Russians know how to make this'.
  16. priusCpilot

    priusCpilot George

    I believe your opinion to be untrue. Anyone with the right resources can make any compound chemicals.

    Even if it was true. Why would I leave evidence that would incriminate me only to be scrutinized by anti Russian propaganda?

    Why no joint investigation following fair and proper protocols? No access to the body's to verify even if it is Skirpal. Just trust it you did it! Lol
  17. NeilBlanchard

    NeilBlanchard Well-Known Member

    What are you basing your opinion on? The news reports I have heard said that Russia invented Novichok, and only they have ever made it. No one else knows how to make it.

    They used it because they want people to know it was them. That is how you threaten people.
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  18. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    I'm not sure where you intended that link to take me, but it simply directs me to the top of this page, in this thread.

    I'm not someone who silos himself, more because of my unorthodox take on things than by pure choice, admittedly. That said, Alex Jones is someone I like for the drama more than the content. I regard it as fiction because as a best-case scenario, it's more difficult to tease out the kernel of truth in what he says, if it's even there, than it's worth. His meltdowns are epic. I gather he's made a milquetoast mea culpa on the Sandy Hook stuff, now that I've read a bit, but that's as far as that research takes me. I really can't defend him and I'm not that interested in doing so.

    I drive anywhere from 5-10 hours per day for a living. I listen to a lot of people and programming, some for entertainment, some to make me think, some where those lines are blurred. Whether or not I agree with any of them isn't all that relevant. That I place him in the same category as Coast To Coast AM, or for that matter Mystery Science Theatre should tell you a bit about the lack of seriousness with which I take him.
  19. booferama

    booferama He who posts articles

    Whoa, I screwed that link up. Here are two links about it.

    The problem with Alex Jones is that he has any megaphone at all. He's dangerous, as in "incites violence" dangerous.
  20. priusCpilot

    priusCpilot George

    Here is a quote I love. "It's easier to fool people then to convince them that they have been fooled." - Mark Twain

    If the news reports you heard are from main stream media, you will never get the real news...NEVER! They are paid for and sponsored by corporations which only feed you news that supports their interests. You know how much news goes unreported that doesn't fit their narrative? You must seek out independent news to even have chance.

    About Novichok and nerve agents. Here is a piece for ya, the blue prints for some of the BEST nerve agents are in nature. These road maps are built from the most toxic of venoms. Of coarse, the basic precursors are synthesized and modified to be far more deadly and sometimes enhanced for various methods of deployment. Just like pharmaceuticals drugs that are all commercialized on TV. Those drug are mostly synthesize from naturally occurring substances and patented for profit. Anyhow, I believe there are quite a few countrys who either had access to or have the resources to develope Novichok and the UK is most certainly one of them! Along with Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia or other former Soviet satellite sates just to name few.

    "They used it because they want people to know it was them. That is how you threaten people." Your point is definitely a possibly but I feel is highly unlikely and here's is some of why.

    Teresa May within a few hours condemns Russia right on the spot! Lol how the heck would you even be able to determine something as serious as this without a thorough investigation and working with the accused party who is said to be the only one who knows how to makes this? How would one know if Novichok was if they didn't have a sample to compared it you lol? Right from the start this was BS and main stream media just picked it up and went along with it to keep feeding the anti Russian narrative.

    Why would Russia on the eve of elections and the beginning of the world cup poison a spy pardoned 8+ years ago in a spy swap? So many opportunity to kill and they do it at the worst time? Sorry but I don't buy it no way. They have provided zero evidences to Russia or even a neutral 3rd party to work through but just accused with words of "very probable" "Highly likely" . What a joke. Teresa and her party are on such shaky ground having low popularity and I believe she is trying to change that. Jeremy Corbyn who is the leader of the Labor party and her opposition has condemn this as well but at least he and many others agree that a proper unbiased investigation needs to conducted.

    I feel that Neocon and their overlords are pushing for a larger plan and carefully constructed this drama as part of propaganda campaign against to pressure it not either be a vassal (which they never NEVER will be) or face further sanctions and isolation. There is PLENTY of motive on the other side to authorize this false flag and escalade this to a larger conflict.

    One more important thing that is troubling I heard recently. That Jihads proxis backed by the US Gov and others, who have an interest in building the Qatari and Kurdish pipelines threw Syria are going to stage a false flag chlorine attack. They were trained in the illegal US Gov base in Syria and are said to have 20 tons of chlorine along with explosives disguised as cigarette boxes. The aim is to use this as a pretext to attack Syria and install the puppet government they need to build the pipelines. It would be crazy if this happens.
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