Ford’s SYNC3 now includes WAZE!

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    [​IMG] Crowd sourced traffic and routing from Ford’s OEM display.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Jan. 10, 2018

    Ford’s SYNC 3 WAZE integration in action.


    Las Vegas, NV – From the floor of the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show, Ford introduced its latest advanced infotainment solution. SYNC 3 and SYNC AppLink has been a part of the Ford product lineup for a while now but they have now integrated the WAZE app and its powerful crowd sourced real time traffic functionality into the central display of Ford cars and trucks so equipped.

    Thanks to new integration, Waze users will soon be able to project real-time traffic and navigation information onto Ford’s SYNC 3 touch screen and access the services by voice commands.

    The full-featured integration means Ford owners can plug their Waze-equipped smartphone into the USB port of their vehicle, and Waze can be projected onto the touch screen. This allows users to access the app’s features conveniently on a larger display and with their vehicle’s own sound system.

    All the great features Waze users have come to know will be accessible through Ford’s integration of the software. This includes recent updates such as Talk to Waze, which allows you to control the app with voice commands, and HOV route support, which provides additional navigation options and arrival times based on high-occupancy-vehicle lanes (carpool lanes).

    Waze uses crowd-sourcing to gather information about road conditions from all its users. People type in their destination and drive with the app open to contribute data to Waze’s community of users. Or share reports from the road, including notifying the community of previously unknown accidents, hazards or route changes.

    Waze can help commuters avoid congested roads in favor of other routes, or see when their friends are expected to arrive at their destination. Waze users can even help each other save a few dollars by sharing gas prices as they travel, allowing people to navigate to the cheapest nearby gas station.

    At launch in the coming weeks, any 2018 model year Ford vehicle equipped with SYNC 3 version 3.0 or greater will be able to run Waze on its touch screen. Other SYNC 3-enabled Ford vehicles can receive an over-the-air update or an update via USB to enable Waze functionality.

    In addition to Waze, Ford owners will soon be able to use iHeartRadio to access thousands of live radio stations or create their own personalized stations based on their favorite artists and songs.

    Ford was also showing off its Ford+Alexa app at CES. The app gives customers access to all 25,000 of Amazon’s Alexa skills, including the abilities to play music, check news reports and add items to shopping lists.
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    Waze and I Heart Radio. My two favorite apps!
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    I like them, too, but don't run them regularly. I don't drive enough (longer distances) and the local FM stations (and AM!) serve my limited needs.
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  4. I use waze a lot, even when i know where I'm going.
    Would love it on the dash.

    Radio ? Took the antenna off the truck
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    That's a very optimistic speedometer in the SYNC3 picture in the OP. 200 mph? Or maybe that's in kph? :)

    I like that Ford is doing over the air updates.

    I thought I read a news story a week or so ago about a small town/neighborhood(?) that posted fake incidents to prevent people from autorouting through their area when traffic gets backed up on a nearby artery. Maybe that happens more often than not. The story also said they were going to fine people they catch in the area who did not live there or were not visiting someone. That'll teach those pesky commuters who drive through.
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    Hi All:

    The UBER ride share pros use WAZE over and above Google Maps with the built in routing app being used last.

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    Uber's routing app was based on Apple Maps when I did my stint as an Uber driver, and they were total crap.
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    I missed a couple of Uber pickups when the driver claimed they could not find my condo, in spite of numbers 2 feet high on a sign out front on the street. They rely too much on technology and not enough on common sense. One of the shortcomings of Waze at the current time is it does not support the on screen speedometer in the Android Auto version. That's a super useful thing to have in front of you.
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    Ahh, now if I suddenly see lots of Fords blasting down side streets at rush hour, I'll know why.
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