2018 Hyundai Elantra SE with 6-speed AT: $13,488 + TTL and Doc - $11,988 + TTL w/ BoostUp and Uber

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    Hi All:

    Back again only this months feature is the 29/38 mpg rated 2018 Hyundai Elantra SE with the 6-speed AT.

    This one is very basic transportation as the three SEs with ATs are being offered without mats. While this one is a San Diego area deal with this months $500 San Diego Auto Show Cash, it is not nearly as lucrative as last months 18 Elantra Value Edition which lists for $1,900 more yet cost only $1,000 more with last months deals. Hyundai has pulled $500 of Holiday Bonus Cash off the table this month and the higher priced Value Edition had a deeper discount due to a higher profit margin.


    Remember to add the $500 BoostUp and $1,000 Uber rebate for a $11,988 price + TTL and Doc.

    Personally I would keep my powder dry and wait for the SEL or Value Edition trim deals to reappear in a few months or possibly some deeper discounts appearing on the Ioniq later this year?

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