Continental's Latest Camera Based Side View Mirrors

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    [​IMG] Another 2 percent reduction in fuel consumption is just a new car away. All the while we wait for the DOT to catch up to the future.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Jan. 1, 2018

    Continental ProViu Mirror w/ Merged View​

    Interior display merges field-of-view images from multiple cameras into a single image for a much improved situational awareness.

    Continental is presenting its next generation of its ProViu Mirror digital side-view mirror to all that care to look. The new version of the camera system currently has a single image – and it’s large, seamless and intuitive for the driver. The various images from the cameras mounted on the side of the driver’s cabin without side view mirrors are displayed on the interior displays as one single merged image by ProViu Mirror. This system vastly increases situational awareness of the vehicles surrounding your vehicle to reduce accidents.

    Dr. Michael Ruf, Head of the Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket Business Unit at Continental:
    Improved Safety

    In the ProViu Mirror system, the side view mirrors are removed and two cameras are mounted on each side of the vehicle, covering the areas of the main side-view, wide-angle and close-range mirrors. The images are transmitted to two displays on the right and left sides of the A-pillar in the cabin, so the camera images are permanently in the user’s line of vision.

    Until now, the different fields of view captured by the cameras were displayed as individual images, one above the other. In the new version, Continental has merged the fields of view into one single image on the display, so the driver can always see the entire vehicle environment. Think of Nissan’s AroundView monitor but only for the front and sides on the fly. The danger caused by not looking at a relevant field of view at the right time and overlooking other road users or obstacles is reduced. The new 16:9 HD resolution displays are much larger and clearer than previous demonstrator units. The displays on the A-pillar can be optionally supplemented by a central display on the instrument panel that shows the area of the front mirror.

    Within the display on the A-pillar, Continental merges the various camera shots into one image, enabling drivers to view the entire vehicle environment. The central display shows the area of the front mirror.

    Improved Aerodynamics = > Efficiency

    ProViu Mirror meets the EU’s legal requirements for indirect visual displays (UNECE R46), the standards for camera monitor systems in compliance with ISO 16505:2015 and the standards for functional safety for road vehicles (ISO 26262). Continental will adapt the basic platform to match the specific requirements of an OEMs needs. Meaning the displays are adapted to the cabin’s interior, the camera arms are adapted to the external geometry of the vehicles and aerodynamic studies are carried out. The installation of high resolution micro cameras – vs side view mirrors – on the geometry of vehicles results in an aerodynamic drag reduction that can reduce fuel consumption by one to two percent.

    Questions? They must be Military grade to last the life of the vehicle. A camera, display, or problem with the harness and BCM would lead to a mirrorless personal or commercial vehicle on the road. In addition, how are the camera lenses clean of fogging and fouling during a cool morning launch or worse yet, in inclement weather? And finally, the DOT NHTSA will have to drastically change the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 111 regs and in its current underfunded status, changing almost a century of legacy to allow the much more advanced cameras to do their thing could prove to be a daunting task?
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    This is a long overdue improvement. Side view mirrors are not only ugly and un-aero but need continual fiddling and adjustment for multi-driver vehicles. To answer one of your questions: Conventional mirrors are also subject to fogging, raindrops, and icing. Maybe the cameras could retract into the vehicle when not in use.
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    I drove with side view video mirrors for about 5 years, and they definitely are much better overall, than optical mirrors.

    They reduce the frontal area of a typical car by about 1 sq ft (about 4% reduction).
    They improve the Cd, by about 0.01, or so.

    Combined, these two factors can reduce the CdA from 7.75 sq ft (25 square foot frontal area X 0.31 Cd) down to 7.2 sq ft. Which is about a 7% reduction.

    Also, video mirrors have virtually no blind spots. They work better in the rain, and at dusk. I had both the monitors side by side right in front of me (Scion xA made this easy), and I could see both sides in one glance.

    Video mirrors don't need to be adjusted for different drivers. They don't blind you with headlights, at night.

    Professional engineering can solve the challenges of video mirrors: monitors reflect off the windshield at night, and direct sunshine on the camera or the monitors can wash out the image. The field of view brings barrel distortion, and this can be digitally removed, and this makes estimating distances much easier. The rearview video mirror in the Chevy Bolt EV solves almost all the problems. The only one it doesn't completely get right, is what you can see at night, with no street lighting.

    We SHOULD see video mirrors a long time before we see autonomous cars.
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    "Should" does not always = "Will". I am wondering if the cameras would be tucked away and vandal-proof. I guess my rear-view camera is , I never looked at it.
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    Hi All:

    Friends of mine were at CES and saw the Continental Demo in person!

    Here is is on YouTube.

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