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    [​IMG] The brands first Olympic and Paralympic TV advert as it Transitions from an automobile to mobility company.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Nov. 24, 2017

    “Mobility for All”

    Toyota’s television commercial aired for the first time on during coverage of the Winter Olympic Trials with an Olympic and Paralympic message that delivers hope and breaks new ground for Toyota as it evolves from an automobile company to mobility company.

    Created as part of the company’s eight-year global sponsorship of The Olympic and Paralympic Games and as the first-ever Mobility Partner in the history of The Olympic Partner (TOP) Programme to sponsor the mobility category, “Mobility For All” leads Toyota’s first global campaign, “Start Your Impossible.”

    The campaign reflects the company’s transition to a mobility company. As the anthem to inspire and enable the pursuit of all things impossible through movement, “Mobility For All” highlights mobility stories of Olympic and Paralympic athletes and other individuals (ages 1 to 100) in every stage of life. The 60-second spot also introduces transportation solutions, next-generation mobility, and advanced technologies researched and developed by Toyota.

    A group of 16 distinguished athletes taking part in “Mobility For All” includes: Tatyana McFadden, the world’s leading wheelchair racer, who has won 17 Paralympic medals across five Games for the USA; Brad Snyder, American Paralympic swimmer, former captain of the U.S. Naval Academy swim team and three-time gold medalist at the Paralympic Games Rio 2016; and Rami Anis, a swimmer from Syria, part of the Refugee Olympic Team at the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

    While the ad is the first spot to debut, Toyota will roll out nine additional commercials globally through The Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2018. Each commercial will feature inspirational stories and Toyota's range of mobility products, a mix of conceptual inventions used for research and development purposes, as well as products that Toyota has committed to deliver to the market.

    Toyota’s new website, Mobility for All (to be rolled out in phases), was built in consultation with the National Center for Accessible Media. The site was designed to be accessible for users with various impairments. Whether set to default, visually impaired, hearing impaired, mobility impaired or cognitively impaired, all coding and design features work to make the experience equally enjoyable for all users.

    Launching in addition to the new broadcast campaign are “Start Your Impossible” digital and social amplifications including:

    Relay Your Challenge: With the belief that achieving the impossible begins by setting goals and declaring them aloud, Toyota encourages consumers and its team members to share their ‘impossible statement’ and relay it forward so that people worldwide can participate and challenge themselves. Visit Relay Your Challenge.


    Impossible Stories: These are inspiring in-depth long form videos of 10 impossible challengers in 10 countries, three of which are available at launch. The documentaries convey a deeper understanding of Toyota’s vision for the future through the challengers’ stories of starting their own “impossible.”

    To view and learn more about Toyota and the “Start Your Impossible” campaign, please visit Mobility for All.
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    Toyota’s $4 million Challenge to Transform the World of People with Lower-limb Paralysis

    The Toyota Mobility Foundation, in partnership with Nesta’s Challenge Prize Centre, has launched a $4 million-dollar global challenge to change the lives of people with lower-limb paralysis, culminating in the unveiling of the winners in Tokyo in 2020.


    The Mobility Unlimited Challenge is seeking teams around the world to create game-changing technology that will help radically improve the mobility and independence of paralyzed people.

    The Mobility Unlimited Challenge aims to harness creative thinking from across the world to accelerate innovation and encourage collaboration with users to find winning devices to transform the world for people with lower-limb paralysis. The Challenge will reward the development of personal mobility devices incorporating intelligent systems.

    The mobility solutions of the future could include anything from exoskeletons, to artificial intelligence and machine learning, from cloud computing to batteries.

    Around the world, millions of people are living with lower-limb paralysis (the most common causes being strokes, spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis). While there are no statistics on paralysis worldwide, the World Health Organization estimates there are 250,000-500,000 new cases of spinal cord injury globally every year.

    Innovation in “smarter” mobility technology has the potential to create personal devices that are better integrated with the user’s body and the environment. But the application of this groundbreaking technology is slow due to disincentives such as small and fragmented markets, regulatory burdens, and reimbursement complexities from healthcare systems and insurers.

    This can make the field unattractive to small or new entrants, and prevent innovative solutions by existing innovators from getting to market. Even though huge advances have been made in improving travel between places, innovation in everyday functionality still lags.

    The Mobility Unlimited Challenge Prize is supported by global ambassadors from around the world, all of whom have experience of living with lower-limb paralysis. Global ambassadors include: August de los Reyes, Head of Design at Pinterest; Yinka Shonibare MBE, Turner-Prize nominated British-Nigerian artist; Sandra Khumalo, South African Paralympic rower; Indian athlete and campaigner Preethi Srinivasan; Sophie Morgan, British TV presenter; US Paralympian Tatyana McFadden; and Rory A. Cooper, director of the Human Engineering Research Laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh.

    All global ambassadors are available for interview on request. Statements by program directors as follows:

    Ryan Klem, Director of Programs for Toyota Mobility Foundation:
    Charlotte Macken of Nesta’s Challenge Prize Center:
    A panel of expert judges will pick five finalists who will each receive $500,000 to take their concepts from an intelligent insight to a prototype. The Challenge winner will receive $1 million to help get their product to market - with the winning concept unveiled in Tokyo in 2020.

    The Mobility Unlimited Challenge aims to attract and support smaller innovators who might otherwise struggle to break into the assistive technology market. The Discovery Awards will provide seed funding of $50,000 for 10 groups with promising concepts, but who might otherwise lack the resources to enter the Challenge. Interested innovators can apply online at Mobility Unlimited.

    Building on universal design principles to create a more equitable environment, entries for the Mobility Unlimited Challenge will be user-centered. The Challenge will be a catalyst for innovation through co-creation with the people around the world who will benefit most from the solutions discovered by our entrants.

    At the end of the Mobility Unlimited Challenge, the Toyota Mobility Foundation and Nesta’s Challenge Prize Center will have supported teams of innovators in creating leading edge technological solutions, opening a new chapter in personal mobility for people with lower-limb paralysis.

    For more information please visit Mobility Unlimited
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    Toyota Signs Agreement to Become Global Partner of Special Olympics

    Toyota has entered into an agreement with Special Olympics International to become a Global Partner.

    The announcement was marked by a signing ceremony at the Tokyo office of Toyota, attended by Special Olympics Chairman, Timothy Shriver, Toyota President, Akio Toyoda, Special Olympics Japan President & CEO, Yuko Arimori, and athletes and families participating in Special Olympics.

    Through sports, health, school and youth engagement, the Special Olympics Movement dramatically transforms lives by unifying people with and without intellectual disabilities to end discrimination and create inclusion. The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community. Special Olympics (headquartered in Washington, D.C.) has 5.7 million athletes in 172 countries and regions.

    In addition to the Global Partnership with Special Olympics, Toyota has agreed to support the Special Olympics Unified Sports which joins people with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team. It was inspired by a simple principle: training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding.

    Beginning in 2018, Toyota will be supporting Special Olympics Unified Sports programming primarily in Japan and the United States.

    Toyota has been a national partner of Special Olympics Nippon since January 2016. Toyota employees have been actively engaged in volunteering and supporting Special Olympics Nippon’s local events and its National Games.

    In addition, Toyota’s affiliates have been supporting Special Olympics United States- based Programs as well as the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles.

    The designation details of the sponsorship are as follows:
    • Global Gold Partner (2018–2022)
    • Global Unified Sports Partner (2018–2020)
    • Unified Cup Partner (July 17–21, 2018 in Chicago)
    Special Olympics Chairman Shriver said the following about this sponsorship:
    President Akio Toyoda said:
    Toyota has recently announced a Global Corporate Initiative, “Start Your Impossible”, and will promote Special Olympic activities in parallel.

    On November 18, at a B League basketball game between Alvark Tokyo and Levanga Hokkaido at the Arena Tachikawa Tachihi, Toyota will hold a Unified Sports demonstration and signing ceremony to invigorate Special Olympics in Japan even further. Special Olympics Chairman Shriver and Special Olympics Board of Directors member, Dikembe Mutombo, will attend and join the celebration of diversity and inclusion.

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