FARADAY FF91 on the Road

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    Hi All:

    In Southern Calif, you will eventually see everything. Just this morning I saw a 53 VW Beetle. Other than maybe an Amish Horse and Buggy like IN, OH, and PA and I bet I will see one of those out here someday, eventually everything appears on the road out here.

    While coming home from Church this afternoon, I came across this Prototype running 55 to 60 mph in the second to right hand lane. I have read about it but never seen one on the road. Low and behold, here it is.

    Given the time of day, direction, and speed, I am guessing they are making a run from somewhere in San Diego and trying to make it back to Silicon Valley just north of San Francisco - 470 miles - on a single charge. Too bad it was being driven by the wrong drivers as I saw some things they need to improve upon to extend that 300+ mile AER. ;)

    In any case, here it is...

    FARADAY monikered "FUTURE FF91"

    Pricing Detail TBA

    3 Electric Motors outputting 1050 hp
    0-60 in 2.39 secs
    300+ miles/charge

    151 cu. ft. of interior volume

    Like many Nissan's, the Faraday FF91 uses NASA Zero Gravity Designed Seats.

    20xx Faraday FF 91 Prototype on the Road

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    Nice. Wait.....how many people want to pony up $200K plus for a hatchback ? Thought so. Wonder how it well it competes with the (vaporware) Tesla Roadster ?
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